Spring cleaning for a smooth life: discover the secrets to achieve it!

Spring is coming and, with it, the desire to clean up your home. But how do you go about it to make this spring a success in an efficient and sustainable way? Follow our expert advice to get rid of all the clutter and adopt a more serene and organized lifestyle.

A spring project in its own right

Spring cleaning is much more than a simple chore: it's a real project in its own right, one that deserves to be treated seriously and organized. According to Cécilia Chopo, tidying coach and interior organizer, it is essential to “consider it as a project, just as you might have a professional or personal project. For that, you have to get organized and realize that you have to devote a little bit of time to it.”

In order to embark on this , it is important to set and achievable goals. This will allow you to approach each step with motivation and determination.

Decluttering: the key to a successful household

The secret to successful spring cleaning lies in de-cluttering. Indeed, as Cecilia Chopo points out, “clutter can't be put away, it has to be eliminated directly”. The first step is to sort and de-clutter your home, focusing on one category of at a time.

Methodical and ruthless sortingTo achieve an effective result, gather all the objects in the chosen category in the same place, and examine them one by one. This way, you can see how much clutter there is and eliminate anything that is not really useful to you. “This is where you can make a clean storage, there will be much less clutter,” adds Cecilia Chopo.

Identify the causes of clutter

To avoid falling back into your ways, it's crucial to identify the reasons why you accumulate. Cecilia Chopo mentions two common cases: the daily accumulation and the “it can be used” fan.

Daily accumulation: managing the invasionDaily accumulation often comes from objects brought home from work or school, which gradually pile up without ever being sorted. Taking the time to regularly sort through these items will help prevent your living space from being invaded.

“It can be used”: learn to let goThe other cause of clutter is excessive attachment to objects, for sentimental or practical reasons. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself the right questions: Is this object really useful? Will you really use it? How long has it been collecting dust? Even if you find it hard to part with, some items will be quickly forgotten once they've been disposed of.

Adopt a more responsible consumption

After you've done that big cleanup, it's essential to become aware of how you consume and adopt more responsible habits. Cecilia Chopo confirms: “When you've spent time sorting, you don't want to clutter up again.

Maintain your home regularlyTo avoid being overwhelmed by clutter, it is recommended to perform regular maintenance of your home. You can, for example, set a goal of tidying up a small corner of the house or a piece of cupboard every week.

Rethink your purchasesFinally, keep in mind the efforts you made during your spring cleaning to avoid succumbing to impulsive and unnecessary purchases. This way, you will keep your home clean and pleasant, and you will offer yourself a more serene and balanced life.

In conclusion, spring cleaning is an essential step to get rid of all the clutter and adopt a more organized and responsible lifestyle. By following our expert advice and by investing fully in this process, you will be able to enjoy a clean and harmonious interior, conducive to your development.

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