Stepping on cockroaches can have serious consequences, find out why.

The insects are on the increase, and numerous remedies have been developed to eliminate them. However, the traditional method of stepping on them remains popular, despite expert recommendations.

Walking on them doesn't help

Contrary to what you might think, stepping on a cockroach won't kill it. Cockroaches can bear up to 900 times their own weight, making a single step ineffective in eliminating them.

Walking on a cockroach can cause health problems

The World Organization (WHO) strongly advises against stepping on cockroaches. Stepping on a cockroach can cause bacteria to spread in the environment, leading to and asthma. Bacteria such as salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus can spread after cockroach crushing, potentially causing serious .

Where do cockroaches enter the house?

Cockroaches can enter homes through a variety of routes, such as drains, bathrooms or kitchens. They can also enter through cracks and access holes in the exterior. It is therefore important to take preventive measures to avoid their entry.

Tips to prevent cockroaches

To prevent cockroaches from entering the home, it's essential to have regular habits and keep spaces clean. It's also advisable not to leave out of closed garbage bags, and to regularly check damp, hot areas where cockroaches can be found.

How to get rid of cockroaches at home?

Eliminating cockroaches from your home can be a difficult task. They tend to take up residence in dark, warm and isolated places, such as the back of furniture or cracks. Several home remedies can be used to combat cockroaches, such as mixing and powdered sugar or using insecticide sprays.

Smells cockroaches hate

Cockroaches have a particular aversion to certain smells, including cucumber, vinegar, and bay leaf. Placing cucumber skins in areas where cockroaches usually enter can deter them.

Walking on a cockroach won't kill it, and may even cause health problems. It's best to use alternative methods to get rid of cockroaches, and to adopt preventive measures to keep them out of your home.

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