Steve Jobs and the beer test, what is this strange approach of Apple’s father?

The father of Apple also had its funny side. One of them encouraged him to apply the “beer ”, which was important to him in the workplace.

once explained the importance of choosing the most proactive people, whom he called “A-players”.

“I built a lot of my success by finding really talented people, and not just B-players and C-players, but really looking for the A-players,” he said, quoted in the newspaper. he said, as quoted by the newspaper Crast. “I've found that when you get enough A players together, when you do the incredible work of finding those A players, they really enjoy working with each other.”

Steve Jobs' Beer Test

There was a ceremony that confirmed whether a job applicant was really an A player or a B or C player. It was the beer test. It was the beer test.

According to this technique, job interviews are usually boring and easy to prepare for. Only by going to a bar and drinking a beer with the prospective employee can you get to know them in depth.

“I take them out to eat, take a walk with them or just spend time together,” Steve Jobs explains. I ask them questions like, “Tell me, what did you do last ?” or “When was the last time you accomplished anything? There's no right or wrong answer. “It's about doing your best to get them to talk about an experience and show you their authentic .”

Because Steve Jobs wasn't looking for robots or automatons. He wanted proactive people who could come up with brilliant ideas and solve problems before they even arose.

Until shortly before his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was involved in choosing executives or engineers, occasionally applying his beer test. A different man, a genius and a character in his own right.

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