Stranger Things: Writers Confirm Suspicions About Controversial Series Scene

While we await the next season of , everyone has been delving into the smallest details of a show that has kept us on the edge of our seats over time. Now, the writers have spoken about a controversial scene that fans have scrutinized closely.

Stranger Things Season 4 has been released, and fans are still not over it. As we await the final fifth season (hurry up, Duffer brothers), several speculations have arisen from past seasons, with one in particular sparking debate and .

Stranger Things' editing of certain scenes has raised questions.

Stranger Things' writers have clarified claims that episodes of the show have been retroactively edited to align with the show's current storylines. On , the Writers' Room account of the hugely popular series, which recently aired its fourth season, confirmed that “no scenes from previous seasons have been cut or re-edited. And they never will be.”

This clarification comes after a GQ article claimed that an “unsettling” scene from the first season had been re-edited to make Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) not appear as creepy while he's falling for Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer). Although the pair reconciled at the end of the second season of Stranger Things, in the show's second episode, Jonathan is seen secretly watching Nancy through his camera lens as she undresses in Steve's room.

The article incorrectly reported that the moment where Jonathan takes a photo of Nancy in her underwear was now cut, but it turns out it never existed in the first place and viewers just misremembered. In a follow-up tweet, Stranger Things writers said the claims were “based on a false rumor” and pointed out the irony that GQ now “had to retroactively edit their own article” with a correction.

The first season's scene hasn't been re-edited despite rumors.

Earlier this year, however, the creators behind Stranger Things jokingly said that “George Lucas-ing” the show would correct continuity errors after another TikTok rumor correctly revealed that everyone involved in the show, including its writers, had forgotten Will Byers' (Noah Schnapp) birthday.

Matt and Ross Duffer told Variety they might “go George Lucas” on Will's birthday, referring to the Star Wars creator's habit of re-editing his earlier films to fit stories he came up with later on. Matt said the team was considering changing his birth month from March to May because ‘May' can fit in Winona's mouth” during the second season scene where his birthday was established. However, it's not confirmed if those changes will be made now.

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