That’s how you lose a strong woman: 9 reasons to know

It is important to note that the definition of a strong woman can vary across cultures, contexts and individuals. There is no universal standard to define what a strong woman is. What is important is to recognize and respect the qualities and skills that make each woman (or man) strong and capable.

That's how you lose a strong woman…

1. You lose a strong woman by not saying hello.

She may be different, unique, intimidating, fascinating, but there is nothing more painful than losing a strong woman for not taking the time to introduce yourself to her.

2. You lose a strong woman by playing games to seduce her.

A strong woman has no time to chase others because she is chasing her dreams.

She doesn't try to waste time with someone who doesn't really want to waste time with her. She's not rude, she's not bossy, she just protects her heart. She's been hurt many times before, so don't lose her before you even get her.

3. You lose a strong woman by hiding your emotions.

She doesn't think you're strong because you keep it all bottled up. She thinks you are more beautiful when you are not afraid to show yourself and be human. She doesn't want to guess what you're feeling, she wants to be immersed in everything you have to offer. She is very deeply connected to life and needs someone who is too.

4. You lose a strong woman by treating her like a woman and not the force of nature she is.

A strong woman knows that she is equal, powerful and can move mountains without anyone's help.

A strong woman is not necessarily a dominant feminist, but she knows her worth and abilities, and she will not let anyone take that away from her. She also knows when she is being exploited as a woman.

6. You lose a strong woman by despising her.

A strong woman has worked tirelessly to develop her self-esteem, her and her . She will not stay for someone who will not stay for her.

7. You lose a strong woman by disrespecting her.

She knows what silence and backhanded comments mean. She respects herself and does not tolerate anyone who does not.

8. You lose a strong woman by begging her.

She's not looking for someone to beg her. She wants someone who will stand up for herself, who has a determination as strong as hers, who knows exactly how to ask for forgiveness and how to give it.

9. You lose a strong woman just by letting her go.

She's not like other women. She won't come crawling back to you. She won't make a fuss. If you expect her to be like any other woman, you will be disappointed.

So once you have a strong woman, don't let her go.

What is a strong woman?

A strong woman is a woman who is confident in herself, who is able to face life's challenges and obstacles with courage, determination and resilience.

She has a certain emotional and mental resilience that allows her to face and overcome difficult situations.

A strong woman can be independent and self-reliant, able to make her own decisions and manage her life responsibly.

She can also be altruistic and empathetic, helping others and being a source of support for those in need.

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