The 4 habits that affect your health without you realizing it when you are over 60

Taking care of yourself is like a long-distance race in which you must not only maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also know how to eliminate what is harmful to your .

If you are entering your sixth decade, you may have begun to feel the typical aches and pains of age. You're not as strong and resilient as you used to be and it's time to take a little more care of yourself, based on a healthy, balanced and regular, albeit moderate, physical activity. However, if you practice these good habits, but repeat others that are clearly detrimental to your health, you risk ruining all your efforts to stay agile and healthy.

We're not talking about the more obvious toxic ones, like drinking alcohol or smoking, but the ones that can go unnoticed and gradually undermine your quality of life. In general, these are everyday details that can make the aging process more difficult for you and that you would like to know about in order to mitigate their possible effects.

“As we age, the sensation of thirst decreases, so older people are at greater risk of than younger people.”

One of them may be leading too sedentary a life, which is easy to correct by walking more occasionally or climbing stairs, even if it is difficult. But when it comes to diet and nutrition, you need to change some things you may have neglected. The magazine ” Eat This Not That “consulted a number of expert dieticians to find out what you need to revise in your daily diet to enjoy a longer and better life.

Not enough protein

“Protein helps maintain and strength, bone health and is one of the best ways to lose weight,” says Courtney D'Angelo, a physician and registered dietitian. Physical activity is not just for people over 60, but can be done at any age, although the older you get, the more you need to do. “Older people are more likely to lose muscle mass, and not consuming enough protein can accelerate the process.” Where to get it? The expert suggests incorporating more foods into our diet, such as eggs, salmon, beef, chicken or turkey (always grilled to avoid bad fats).

Not drinking enough water

Another of the most dangerous factors. “As we age, thirst tends to diminish,” says Lisa Young, Ph. Lisa Young, PhD, a registered dietician and nutritionist, explains. “As a result, older people tend to become more dehydrated than younger people,” which is important to correct, drinking between two and three liters of water per day, equivalent to eight to nine glasses of 25 to 33 centiliters.

You eat uncooked meals

It's a habit that may go unnoticed, but over the years it can lead to health problems. Especially because you may disrupt your or increase periods of insomnia, which will prevent your body and mind from regenerating as easily, an essential process for a good night's rest. “Excessive late-night snacking is associated with sudden weight gain, increased blood sugar fluctuations and therefore increased risk of diabetes.”

Not consuming as much fiber

One of the worst eating habits when it comes to taking care of your health. “Make sure to include in your diet to feed the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut to improve nutrient absorption, reduce inflammation and improve your mood,” advises Kara Landau, a registered dietitian. advises Kara Landau, a registered dietitian. Just eat more pulses, and whole grain bread – who says it's hard to stay healthy?

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