The 4 surprising uses of toothpaste to clean your home

Toothpaste, in addition to our , can have unknown uses for cleaning tasks around the house. Today we present four of the most curious.

Tidying up and cleanliness have become an international fever. Beyond the practicality of home , countless cleaning gurus and organizational trends are just a click away. Cleaning methods that are quickly going viral due to their efficiency, speed and usefulness.

In addition, many of these do without the specific cleaning products found in supermarkets, which are usually quite expensive, so their implementation saves money and money, which is very important to consider in the economic situation we are currently going through due to escalating prices due to inflation.

One of the products we all have at home that can help us in a thousand and one battles is toothpaste. And of course, always white toothpaste. A true ally in household chores and, therefore, a treasure that many do not know about its stain and dirt removal properties and can replace excessively expensive products. Let's see some of its uses.

The cleaning uses of toothpaste

1 – Clean tile grooves: Since the floor is always exposed to dirt and dust, these grooves are one of the areas that get dirty the fastest. Simply take an old toothbrush, wet it slightly and apply a small amount of toothpaste. Then soak the brush in warm water and scrub the grooves in the tile. The dirty, blackened look will disappear.

2 – Restore the shine to the iron: Thanks to its light abrasive power, it is able to remove dirt and stains from the iron without damaging it. With the iron completely cold and turned off, apply a small amount of paste and cover the entire surface with a soft cloth, pressing harder on the dirtiest areas. With a second cloth (soft and damp), remove the toothpaste from the soleplate and rinse thoroughly so as not to leave any residue.

3 – Bleaching and Cleaning Coaches: Spread the paste on the rubber areas and rub off the dirt with a sponge or cloth. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with a damp cloth or directly with water. They will be white and shiny.

4 – Disinfect the toilet in the bathroom: This tip is perhaps the most overlooked of all. First, make a mixture of toothpaste and fabric softener. When it is smooth and pasty, pour it into an ice cube tray and store it in the freezer until cubes form. One of these cubes is poured down the toilet to clean it of bacteria and fecal debris. Also, because it contains fabric softener, it will leave a very pleasant aroma.

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