The 6 essential pillars for a successful work-life balance

The lack of between our work and personal lives can rob us of many precious moments that are essential to our development as human beings. Discover how to find this balance and enjoy life to the fullest with these six essential !

Visualize the ideal work-life balance

Take some time to sit back and imagine what the perfect work-life balance would look like for you. This vision may seem out of reach for you at the moment. If so, ask yourself, “How could I improve my current situation?” Focus on small steps to make this exercise more achievable, as psychologist Kirstie Fleetwood Meade suggests.

Identify what is important to you

Identifying your priorities is essential to achieving this balance. Make a list of all the things that bring you positive benefits, such as peace of mind. For each activity, ask yourself if it allows you to be more present for your loved ones. According to the expert, “the clearer you are about your ‘why,' the easier it will be to say ‘yes' to the things that bring you closer to that goal and ‘no' to those that don't.”

Clarify your values

Once you have explored these reasons, work on clarifying your values. This will make it easier to make decisions about work-life balance. Examples of values include , curiosity, freedom, compassion, equality, etc. There are many more.

The role of values in your life

Where do these values currently fit in your life, and how might they help you find a better work-life balance? As Fleetwood reminds us, “changing habits, making decisions and saying no can be emotionally draining. Identify the things that could disrupt this balance and prepare yourself to deal with them.

Take care of yourself and accept your limits

It is crucial to take care of yourself as much as you take care of others. Remember that you can't do everything and that you are already doing your best at work. The world won't fall apart if you don't check your email at night. You also need time to recharge your batteries.

Learn to say no

Saying no is often one of the first challenges to improving work-life balance. Stop thinking of “no” as unattainable. As Fleetwood suggests, “challenge your own perspective on the word ‘no.'” We often grow up thinking that we should always be kind, helpful and gentle, and saying no can make us feel like we're not living up to those expectations. However, it is entirely possible to say no and still be a caring person.

To help you say no, the psychologist suggests preparing courteous but firm phrases, such as, “Thank you for offering, but I already have another commitment.” By applying these tips, your life can gradually become more self-oriented. Far from being selfish, this is necessary to offer your best version to others.

Finding a balance between work and personal life can be difficult, but by following these six essential pillars, you can gradually improve your situation and enjoy every aspect of your life to the fullest. Remember that you are important and that taking care of yourself is a priority so you can give your best to others.

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