The 7 fatal mistakes to avoid when packing your suitcase

A expert reveals the 7 most common mistakes people make when packing their suitcase. Find out how to avoid them and enjoy your next trip without worries!

Packing before a trip is often a task put off until the last minute. This can cause mistakes that could ruin your vacation. A travel professionalalso famous on , shares her advice to avoid these mistakes.

1. Don't overload your suitcase!

Filling your suitcase to the brim can make it difficult to store in the overhead compartments of the . An overweight suitcase may even force you to ask other passengers or crew members for help. Airlines may also require you to check a heavy suitcase.

2. Beware of excess hand luggage

Carrying too much hand luggage (such as a suitcase on wheels, a backpack and a purse) can cause problems when boarding. Airlines may ask you to divide the contents of one bag among the others, or even charge you for excess baggage.

3. Provide easy access to essentials

Placing you'll need during the flight (book, tablet, headphones) at the bottom of your suitcase makes it difficult to access them. This can cause traffic jams in the aisles of the plane and delay flight departure. Instead, place these items in a backpack or purse to keep them within easy reach.

4. Avoid turbulence

Do not take these items out once the plane has taken off, as turbulence can move luggage and cause it to fall, injuring passengers. Keep these items in a backpack or purse to avoid this risk.

5. Prepare your toiletries

Expel air from toiletry bottles to prevent them from leaking or exploding due to pressure changes at altitude. Use screw caps rather than snap caps.

6. Wear the heaviest clothes

Placing the heaviest clothes in the suitcase and wearing light clothes during the flight is a common mistake. Do the opposite to save space in your suitcase.

7. Bring an empty bottle and some food

When faced with the impossibility of carrying containers larger than 100 ml, consider bringing an empty bottle that you can refill as many times as necessary. In the event of turbulence or other incidents, the crew may be forced to remain seated, preventing you from obtaining . Don't forget to bring your own , such as or nuts, so you don't have to rely on the plane's services.

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