The 7 secret tricks of the Japanese to stay slim without dieting!

Discover the secrets of the slim figure of the Japanese without following a drastic or counting calories. Here are the 7 they use to stay slim without effort!

The art of adopting a balanced and healthy diet

The quest for a perfect body has become an obsession for many in a society where overweight and obesity are commonplace. The main reasons for this are a diet that is too rich in calories and fats, as well as an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. However, it is possible to without following a strict diet or counting calories all day long, as long as you are disciplined and adopt good eating habits.

The secret of Japanese slimness: culture and traditions

Japan is one of the countries with the lowest obesity rates in the world (3.5% compared to 21% in France or 33% in the ). Japanese traditions and culture, as well as the laws adopted to fight overweight, have greatly contributed to maintaining an enviable figure among the population. Here are the 7 infallible tricks they use to stay slim without resorting to miracle diets.

1. focus on easy-to-digest foods

The Japanese prefer to eat meals that are easy to digest. They often eat raw in the months to help them withstand the heat and prefer cooked food in the winter.

2. Never feel completely full

They use a method called Hara Hachi Bu, which consists in stopping eating as soon as they feel a certain sensation of satiety. This way, they feel satisfied without needing to overeat, contrary to Western culture where we tend to eat until we can't eat anymore.

3. Focus on moderate daily exercise

The Japanese prefer moderate workouts to intensive gym sessions. Walking daily, practicing or stretching are some of their usual activities, which also help to reduce stress.

4. Adopt a diet based on yin and yang

The Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa developed a macrobiotic diet based on diet, exercise, meditation and the energy of yin and yang. The idea is to eat and live in harmony, in search of the of our body. To achieve this, meals are generally composed of organic and local products, divided between whole grains (40 to 60%), fruits and (20 to 30%) and legumes and derived products (10 to 25%).

5. Take hot baths

Hot baths help the body burn calories, reduce blood sugar levels, decrease inflammation and promote better . All you need to do is spend 20 minutes in water that is between 38 and 42 degrees.

6. The prolonged breathing technique

This is a traditional technique that involves breathing in for three seconds and breathing out sharply for another seven seconds. Fat is primarily composed of carbohydrates, hydrogen and oxygen, and when oxygen reaches the cells, it breaks down into water and carbon. Thus, the more oxygen the body uses, the more fat it burns.

7. Maintain good posture

Through the method of Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a popular Japanese physician, it has been shown that good posture helps to lose weight. This technique involves sitting on the floor with stretched legs and placing a rolled up towel behind your back. Next, lie down in an upright position with the towel under your waist and try to bring your toes together to form a triangle. Finally, raise your arms above your head and try to join your little fingers. Once you have reached this position, you should stay there for at least five minutes.

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