The application would have spied on LGBT users without their consent!

If you watched a video with the LGBT tag, your name may be somewhere in the company's database.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, TikTok has been tracking accounts that have seen content with that label in its For You section. This monitoring reportedly lasted at least a year.

Not only were the names of LGBT users recorded, but all employees of the company could access them and control the permissions to view the list. This information is not only a privacy issue, but also a security issue.

TikTok continues to sink in the never-ending privacy battle

Protecting the privacy and security of TikTok users is one of their top priorities, according to a company spokesperson. However, this sensitive information was stored and listed by ByteDance in the first place, plunging TikTok into an endless battle with regulators and investigators. The data has now been removed from the database in the U.S., though there continue to be investigations into TikTok's data handling behavior.

If the app is banned in the United States, TikTok would lose 100 million users in the country. While the company goes out of its way to appear encouraging, investigations still reveal alarming findings.