The April 2023 Full Moon in Libra will awaken the inner goddess of love for these signs in particular

There will be beautiful energy during the April 2023 Full Moon in the sign of ruled by Venus, so get ready for love in all its forms

The astrology of the April 2023 Full Moon is certainly proof that we will all be more optimistic. Yes, we have been at the mercy of some major planetary upheavals in the sky – and that has certainly translated into personal and political setbacks here on earth.

Fortunately for us, with a special emphasis on the word , the stars will grant us some respite on this very pleasant, but no less powerful, date in the 2023 lunar calendar.

Mark your calendars for April 6, 2023, when the Moon in Libra will form an opposition with the Sun in , amplifying the Moon's brightness and strength.

The difference between a New Moon and a Full Moon is that Full Moons are always times of great revelations and startling conclusions, where what was once hidden is revealed.

When is the full Moon of April 2023?

Fourth moon of the year 2023, inaugurating the spring, the full pink moon will take place on Thursday April 6 at 06h34, Paris time and at 00H33 in Quebec.

Why is it called the “full pink moon”?

Spring and white, orange, red, purple and pink too… It is precisely in homage to the pink petals which bloom at this time of the year, that the Amerindians have nicknamed the full moon of April “full pink moon”. A poetic name with a symbolic meaning: just like flowers, feelings are supposed to blossom more at the same time.

Be aware that if your have been strained recently, the Full Moon in April 2023 will improve things. The Sun will be connected to the gifted healer and teacher, the asteroid Chiron, and the jovial planet Jupiter. Jupiter can help us make breakthroughs in self-acceptance, personal healing, relationship repair, and financial gain.

Here's how the April 2023 Full Moon will affect these 4 signs based on your astrological sign and ascendant.


As the most important planet of the April 2023 Full Moon, Venus, the goddess of love will put a huge spotlight on your partnerships, as all her activity will revolve solely around your seventh house of love.

While the intensity of a Full Moon can certainly bring bubbling tensions to the surface, there is a blessing in any conflict that arises at this time.

This is because there is a mutual desire between you and your loved one to reach a compromise that will work for both of you, so by dealing honestly and openly with your hurts or challenges, you can finally work through them. Trust that it will work out for the best, Aries.


It will be time for you to let your inner love goddess shine, .

With this Full Moon in your fifth house of romance, it will be time to see what you bring to your love life.

Between your beauty, charm, wit, humor and intelligence, it's – you're lucky. And you deserve to be with someone who sees that.

This Full Moon will remind you that it was never about being perfect to be or find a partner – you are fine just the way you are.

But if you're single, it's about finding someone who truly appreciates you, who understands your hurts and insecurities and helps you work through them, without making you feel worse or pretending they don't exist. That's also what true love is all about.


During this Full Moon in Libra in your first house of self, the stars will gently nudge you to take the lead.

You deserve to have your needs recognized and met as well. In some relationships, you may be too generous without receiving anything in return.

Although your generous spirit may seem limitless, you may have reached a point where you wonder for whom or what you are giving all that energy.

Pleasing people may give you a sense of control or validation in the short term, but it doesn't have to come at the cost of your long-term peace.

With your ruling planet Venus fully in control this lunation, she will also push you to be more open to receiving.


You've learned some hard lessons about compromise, . Perhaps you've confronted a dark side of a partner – or discovered one in yourself.

The light of this Full Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious will mean that while you cannot ignore what is difficult or unpleasant in yourself or others, denying or ignoring it will not serve you either.

Questions that may come to mind are: where did my avoidance lead me?

Does anxious thinking help or hurt?

Who loses when I doubt my own abilities and strengths?

This Full Moon will be an invitation for you to be more honest and confident. You must not be ashamed of your shadow. It just needs to be acknowledged so that you know who and what you are working with moving forward.

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