The benefits of pepper, secrets on one of the most used spices in the world, in all gastronomies

The benefits of pepper are too often neglected and ignored, whereas this daily spice is a real bonus. In addition to its spicy taste, pepper can bring you much more than you think. Here is some information that may be useful to you.

The benefits of pepper

Pepper is generally known as black or green seeds or as a powder. It almost never leaves the , and easily enhances our favorite dishes. There are several varieties of pepper, such as red, white, gray and of course, black. Pepper easily enhances the taste and adds a touch of refinement.

Other than its spicy taste, it is important to note that pepper contains several trace elements. For 100 grams of pepper, you will not even receive 360 Kcal. Contrary to other foods, using it at your ease does not really have any consequences on your . Whether it is manganese, potassium or calcium and iron, pepper brings us many benefits.

Additional information on pepper

As it is low in calories, consuming it in every dish does not pose too many health problems. In 100 grams of black pepper, you can have 330 calories, 9 grams of water, 15.3 grams of protein and 39.5 grams of fat. Black pepper then becomes important in digestion. An unexpected quality.

In case of digestion problems, you can consume it every day, for a well regulated intestinal transit. The pepper has anti-inflammatory properties but also anti-pain. It is an effective way to get rid of mucus. It is important to avoid these diseases especially when winter comes.

Diuretic, a necessary quality with time

Pepper is a spice, which once consumed often makes you want to pee. Indeed, it is a diuretic , dilating the renal artery. To be in good health and to eat better, consume especially black pepper in grains.

Spice up your dishes as much as you like, but never overdo it or use it in excess. As we age, the body and its functioning change. Each organ is exhausted and it is important to maintain them. It is best to eat natural dishes, without chemicals.

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