The best tips for removing wear marks

Faced with the inevitable wear and tear to which our shoes are subjected on a daily basis, we're often tempted to get rid of them in a hurry. But shouldn't we think twice before doing so? There are many and , using everyday tools and products, that can considerably extend the life of this essential everyday accessory.

Tips and tricks for leather shoes and synthetic alternatives

Among the materials most commonly used to make shoes, leather figures prominently. Today, however, many non-animal alternatives, such as synthetic leathers, have become widely available. “These materials, while tough, are by no means immune to scuffing”. So, if your shoes are concerned, pay attention to these tips.

The first step is to clean your shoes with a damp cloth and let them air dry. For light scuffs, use a shoe brush or slightly damp cloth to gently polish the affected area. If you find that the mark persists, repeat this process as many times as necessary. For more pronounced scratches, start by with water. Once the shoes are dry, apply a small amount of shoe polish (we recommend you consult a specialist store or your trusted shoemaker), and rub in gently with a brush or soft cloth so that the product spreads evenly and acts on the material.

Solution for summer and sports shoes

What if your shoes are more like fabric ? In this case, mix mild soap with cold water, soak a cloth in it and rub the stains away. You can also opt for a thorough hand-wash.

For sports shoes, generally made of rubber and/or suede, a sponge can work wonders. Dampen it, remove excess water and gently rub the mark. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue. For the most worn shoes, white vinegar and mixed together can work wonders. Create a paste with these products and apply it to the scuff marks before rubbing gently. Note that this trick requires additional cleaning to remove the vinegar odour.

Renovating your evening shoes

What about your most elegant shoes, the patent ones you like to wear on special occasions?

No need to part with your precious “Mary Janes” or their modern versions because of a few brand names

. The solution is simple: a piece of cotton or a piece of paper soaked in nail polish.

In short, although our shoes inevitably suffer the ravages of daily wear and tear, they can often be saved and given a second lease of life. A simple gesture of care can extend their lifespan and prevent us from rushing out to buy a new pair.

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