“The Big Bang Theory”: A New Spin-Off is Officially in the Works

Attention fans of the cult sitcom “.” Soon, you'll be able to reconnect with the universe of the series created by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, thanks to a new spin-off.

After the official announcement of an upcoming series in the Harry Potter universe, Warner Bros. Discovery is continuing on its momentum. The group seems keen to reconnect with audiences through titles like “The Big Bang Theory.” A hit sitcom, which aired from 2007 to 2019 on CBS, that follows Leonard and Sheldon, two quantum physics geniuses – as brilliant as they are socially inept. Their daily lives take a surprising turn when they meet a new neighbor, Penny, a radiant young woman who opens their to many things…

New Project Following the Sheldon Prequel

Although the internationally renowned comedy program hasn't been broadcast for four years – and after twelve seasons – it will nevertheless have a brand new spin-off, revealed by Warner Bros Discovery. Once produced, the project will join the catalog of the new Max platform, a merger of HBO Max and Discovery+. As fans from the very beginning know, this announcement is not a first for the American show. Indeed, the prequel “Young Sheldon,” centered on the youth of the character played by Jim Parsons, has been successfully aired since 2017 on CBS and is currently in its sixth season.

An Untold Plot

Will the upcoming series also explore the youth of one of the heroes? For now, Warner has not provided further details regarding the plot of this future spin-off. Logically, fans will not have the pleasure of reconnecting with Sheldon and Leonard, content alongside Penny and Amy. Encouraging news if ever there was any: Chuck Lorre, one of the two creators of the sitcom, will take the helm of the program!

So, will the project focus on a particular protagonist? Will Rajesh – aka Raj – whose farewell was lacking, make a return? One could also imagine a plot centered on Howard, or revolving around another secondary character from the cult series…

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