The color of your child’s bathing suit can save his life: find out why!

is coming and with it, swimming in the pool. Yet a seemingly insignificant choice like the color of your child's bathing suit can make the difference between a fun summer and a tragedy.

A tragedy that could have been avoided

In 2002, the world was shaken by the case of Paolo Alexander Ayala, a 7-year-old boy who disappeared at a birthday in Los Angeles. His body was found two days later at the bottom of the pool, despite the presence of adults at the scene. Paolo was wearing a blue and white swimsuit, which made it difficult to locate him in the water. This tragedy highlighted the importance of increased supervision of when they are playing near water and the need to make them more visible.

Colors that save lives

To prevent such stories from happening again, it's essential to supervise children when they're enjoying the water and to choose brightly colored According to a study conducted by a water company relayed by Life Hacker magazine, the most visible colors are neon yellow, neon green and bright orange. Neon pink may also be a good choice if the pool has a light bottom, but it's less suitable for dark waters.

Contrast and prevention

The main objective is to ensure sufficient contrast between the color of the swimsuit and the water. Of course, other preventive measures are essential, such as a competent lifeguard and careful parental supervision. It is important not to rely on a child's ability to swim or the use of flotation devices, as accidents can happen at any time.

Caution and common sense

Finally, be sure to protect your child from sudden changes in temperature by preventing him or her from diving into cold water after prolonged exposure to the sun. This phenomenon, called hydrocution, can pose a risk. In short, prevention is better than cure by opting for bright colors, increased supervision and appropriate preventive measures.

In conclusion, a wise choice of color for your child's swimsuit, combined with careful supervision and prevention measures, can help ensure a safe and enjoyable summer for everyone. Remember, bright, contrasting colors are best for your child's visibility in the water. Have a great summer and enjoy the sunny weather safely!

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