The curious and effective trick of the coin in the freezer when you go on vacation

When you leave your house empty because you're going on vacation, you wonder if everything will still be in order when you return. One of those concerns is the condition of the in the freezer. Put this tip into practice!

The consumption of household appliances has increased significantly in recent months in Spain due to the high price of electricity and, among them, the refrigerator is the biggest consumer. Many people choose to turn off the refrigerator when they go on vacation, thinking that they are .

However, this practice is not recommended by experts, because the gas inside the refrigerator is destabilized and when it is turned on again, it does not have the same efficiency, reducing its useful life. In addition, this practice would mean having to defrost all the food stored to leave the appliance completely empty. And this is not always easy.

For all these reasons, it is best to leave it on, even if you are not at home. Despite this, many people fear that a power cut will cause the refrigerator to shut down, destroying all the food stored in the refrigerator and freezer, with the financial losses that this entails.

The trick of this Argentinian “tiktokeuse

To find out if the refrigerator is defective and check if the products are really in bad condition, there is a striking method, shared by This Saia, tiktokeuse and blogger from Argentina, that you can use in a simple way to know if the electricity has gone out during your vacation.

@cecisaia Guarda este tip ???? para la próxima vez que viajes ???? ¿Por qué los viajeros frecuentes dejan una moneda en el freezer? ???? ???? Es un truco low cost pero muy bueno: Llenas primero un recipiente, dejas que el agua se congele, y luego le pones una moneda encima. Si se cortó la luz en tu casa mientras no estabas, según qué tan hundida esté la moneda vas a saber si la comida llegó a descongelarse o si fue algo breve y aún es segura de consumir. —— #tipsdeviaje #consejosdeviaje #traveltips #aeropuertip #cecideviaje #travelblogger #travelvlogger ♬ Natural Emotions – Muspace Lofi

This is nothing more or less than a “cheap, but very effective” trick. explains Ceci Saia. The first thing to do is to fill a glass with water, then put it in the freezer until it crystallizes. Finally, and this is where the curious method comes into play, you place a coin on the glass. A seemingly unnecessary gesture, but one that can save you a big dilemma.

Placing a coin on a glass of frozen water will save you a big dilemma.

“This way, if the power goes out in your house while you're away, you'll know, based on the depth of the room when you return, if the food has thawed or if it was very brief and can still be eaten,” Ceci explains in her video, which has nearly 600,000 views on her channel.

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