The director of the Avengers plans AI-generated films within two years: a cinematographic and video game revolution is upon us

Joe Russo, the director of Studios' global hit “Avengers: Endgame,” believes that generated by will arrive in our theaters in just two years. This technological revolution could well disrupt the film and video industry.

An AI that reinvents movies and TV series

Joe Russo made this prediction at a conference at the Sands International Film Festival in St. Andrews, Scotland. He was joined by Donald Mustard, creative director at Epic Games, who even thinks that an AI-generated movie could arrive sooner than the two years Russo estimated.

The director, who sits on the boards of “a couple of AI companies,” told Collider's Steve Weintraub that AI could be used “to and transform narrative.” He explains that the technology could result in “a constantly evolving story, whether it's in a game, a movie or a TV series.”

Custom avatars and photorealistic scenes

Russo gives the example of a user asking an AI to generate a romantic comedy featuring his own photorealistic avatar alongside Marilyn Monroe. “It creates a coherent story with dialogue that mimics your voice,” he said. “And suddenly you have a 90-minute romantic comedy starring you.”

Mustard added that we're “not too far” from being able to generate photorealistic scenes in real time. “We joke about Endgame, but there will be that too,” he says. “You could go back and watch some of your favorite movies or new things and say, No, I want to see myself in the big battle in the background.”

The democratization of storytelling and the future of video games

The real value of AI, according to Russo, lies in “the democratization of storytelling.” He notes that “anyone in this room could tell a story or create a game on a large scale, with the help of a photorealistic engine or AI engine and tools.”

In the video game world, both creators foresee AI being used to populate a game's world or to “customize your experience” by generating custom levels and game modes instantly. Russo gives the example of Fortnite: “If you want it to be more of a horror game, you could have the AI accentuate the horror elements.”

Mustard cautions, however, “Ultimately, yes, it will get there, but I think it will require, for a while at least, rigorous curation.” Ultimately, he sees AI as “a new tool or form. Artists and craftspeople, he says, will find ways to create extraordinary new things with this technology. “It's really just that, an exciting and cool technology.”

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