The epic battle of a baby against a piece of kiwi, the story that makes the buzz on TikTok

The video of a baby struggling to eat a piece of kiwi, despite his hesitations and grimaces of disgust, is making the rounds on the web and going viral on . Babies are the very symbol of innocence, and it is fascinating to watch them explore and discover the world around them. It's no wonder that many videos featuring go viral on social networks.

A love-hate for the kiwi that melts the hearts of internet users

In this TikTok video, we witness the amusing and ambivalent relationship between a baby and a piece of kiwi offered by his mother. We could say without hesitation that the little one feels “a rollercoaster of emotions” when discovering the taste of this .

When the mother brings the kiwi fruit to the baby's mouth, the baby seems at first impatient to taste it. But once he does, a grimace of disgust instantly appears on his face, and he rushes to remove the fruit. However, after a few seconds, he recovers emotionally from that first bite and grabs the piece of kiwi with his own hand, determined to continue the experiment.

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The baby's perseverance in the face of the kiwi test

Taking the initiative to continue eating, he brings the kiwi to his mouth and continues to chew, but with each bite he makes faces that seem to express his disgust. Despite this, he does not give up on swallowing the fruit. Little by little, he gets used to the sweet and sour taste of the kiwi, appreciating its qualities more and more, but still expressing a certain aversion.

The heated reactions of Internet users to this adorable video

In no time, the video has garnered nearly 30,000 comments from TikTok users. Many send their affection to the baby, while others make jokes and analogies, mostly related to alcohol in adults. “My relationship with tequila” or “me when I say this is the last time I drink” are some examples.

Some even compared their own experience with alcoholic beverages to that of the baby and the kiwi.

Many praise the baby's perseverance and strength of mind in trying to enjoy something that initially caused him rejection. Or perhaps he is simply making an effort to satisfy his mother, who gave him the fruit. And he keeps eating it,” “but he doesn't let go,” “very brave little one,” or “he rises to the challenge” are some of the complimentary comments.

This touching and funny video has won the hearts of Internet users, demonstrating once again that babies and their adventures are an inexhaustible source of tenderness and wonder. The courage and perseverance of this little one in the face of the kiwi is sure to bring a smile to the face and inspire those who watch it.

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