The essentials not to forget in your vacation suitcase

and the long-awaited vacations are here. You'll finally be able to enjoy a few days off in another city. But there's one moment that stresses us all: packing your suitcase and making sure you haven't forgotten anything.

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Obviously it's not the same to pack for relaxing on the streets of Havana as it is for enjoying the landscapes of Norway, but there are a series of common basics.

Here's a list of essentials so you don't forget anything in your suitcase for your next vacation:


Before setting off on your trip, it's essential to have your national identity card, passport and visa, if required, as well as your card with you. Don't forget to bring your credit card(s) and .

We also recommend that you bring printed reservations and itineraries, accommodation details and/or tickets for excursions and transport.


The question of clothing is the eternal dilemma. We can't help you too much without knowing your destination, but we do recommend that you opt for clothes that are as light as possible and can be combined with each other.

Don't forget to pack your pyjamas or comfortable clothes that you can wear to bed, several pairs of socks and underwear.

For , we recommend flip-flops, sneakers and a more elegant pair.

Toiletry bag

Before preparing your essential toiletry bag, we recommend you choose a transparent toiletry bag, which will save you time at the if you're traveling by . This way, you won't have to take out liquids one by one.

What should you put in your toiletry bag? First of all, shampoo and gel in solid form or in a 100 ml bottle maximum (if you're traveling by plane). Don't forget your hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste. It never hurts to bring a few hair ties.

A razor, nail clippers and a menstruation kit will save you a lot of trouble.

In another compartment, you can prepare your make-up. We recommend taking only the essentials. And don't forget your make-up remover.

First aid kit

Nobody wants to get sick or injured on vacation, but it's better to be well prepared. That's why it's essential to pack a small first-aid kit.

It should contain: band-aids, cold and sore throat remedies, medicines, etc.

for diarrhea, antihistamines, insect repellents and eye drops.

If you suffer from an that requires a specific medication, in addition to taking the medication, take along the prescription from the professional who prescribed it.

Other essential articles

Finally, to make sure your suitcase is complete and that you haven't forgotten anything, don't forget these essentials:

  • Glasses (if you wear them) and sunglasses.
  • A pair of flip-flops.
  • Eye mask and earplugs.
  • Handkerchiefs.
  • Charger (we assume you won't forget your phone).
  • Sunscreen and after-sun cream.
  • Laundry bag.
  • One microfiber towel.
  • One cap.

Last but not least, remember to take your house keys before you leave on your trip. Yes, we all vacations, disconnecting, having fun… But for it to be a vacation, you have to work or study. And you can't do that without your house keys, so don't forget to take them.

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