The foolproof secrets to make your fresh flower bouquet last longer

Are you offering a bouquet of fresh ? Discover the best to keep them longer and make your home more beautiful.

Cut flowers also need attention to last longer in the bouquet that decorates your living room or kitchen. Heat and flowers want to match this time of year, although it is not always easy. With the arrival of spring, buying or giving bouquets of fresh flowers becomes almost a habit, because everything is so beautiful outside that we want the same thing inside. Bouquets are an alternative to potted , and many people prefer them because they don't have to constantly deal with the care that a live plant requires.

Be careful when choosing a vase

We tend to put the bouquet of flowers directly in the first vase we find. This is the first mistake to avoid. First, remove the plastic or paper that wraps the fresh flowers. Then, cut the stem of each flower diagonally for 1 or 2 centimeters. This will allow the flowers to absorb more water. Also remember to arrange them so that they have room for air circulation.

Choose a glass vase

Glass vases are preferred because they better regulate the temperature of the water and do not concentrate the heat. Then fill the vase with warm water, making sure that the leaves are not submerged.

The right place for your bouquet

Place your bouquet in a place where the sun's rays do not reach the flowers directly, but which is well lit and cool.

Magic tip: vinegar

To prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the vase and prolong the life of your flowers, add one tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water.

Top for a long-lasting bouquet

Other similar tips are also effective, such as dissolving an aspirin in water. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which is a modification of salicylic acid, a substance naturally produced by many plants to delay the of their cells.

Sugar, an ally for your flowers

Sugar also serves as for flowers, and if they are well nourished, they will last longer. Dissolve two tablespoons of sugar when you change the water in your flowers. Remember to change the water in the vase every three days, or daily if possible.

One last tip for hot days

Finally, when it's really hot, you can spray the petals with a little cool water, but be sure to keep the spray bottle about 4 inches from the flowers.

By following these tips and tricks, you can enjoy your fresh flower bouquets longer and beautify your home with ease. Feel free to share these tips with your friends and to help them prolong the life of their own bouquets!

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