The foolproof tips to eliminate black mold around your faucets and tiles

Mold is a persistent enemy in wet spaces like bathrooms. Discover here the best to get rid of it and sanitize your environment.

When mold invites itself into our bathrooms

Bathrooms are among the most difficult rooms in our homes to clean. Not only are they used daily, but they are also particularly prone to mold growth if not properly maintained.

Moho, or black mold, is easy to spot by the dark stains that form on the silicone seals of bathtubs, toilets, walls or tiles. The characteristic damp smell is also a good indicator of the presence of these bacteria.

The dangers of mold to our health

Consequences: Breathing in a mold-contaminated environment can lead to respiratory problems. Mould spores are particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune systems and young , as they can cause and even inflammation and lung damage.

Symptoms: The presence of mold can cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, discharge, itchy and even bronchitis. It is therefore essential to maintain good to avoid their appearance.

Cleaning habits to prevent mold

Rather than having to fight mold, it's better to prevent it from occurring by adopting proper routines. Here's an example of a cleaning flow chart for a bathroom over a week:

Toilet: clean every daySink: clean twice a weekShower: clean twice a weekTowels: wash once a week

Tips to eliminate mold and mildew

If you still have to deal with mold, here are some very effective tips to eliminate it:

Tip #1: Mix water and ammonia, then pour the solution over the affected area and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then wipe with a clean cloth.

Tip #2: Use bleach diluted in water and apply it to the affected areas with a damp cloth.

Tip #3: Mix white vinegar and . In a container, dissolve 1/4 warm water with 3/4 white vinegar and two tablespoons baking soda. Shake well to mix the ingredients and pour over the mildew stains. Leave for 30 minutes, then scrub with a brush until the stains disappear.

Tip #4: Bleach can also be used to clean mold in pipes. Simply spray a little bleach in the toilet, leave it on for 10 minutes, then flush.

Prevention: To avoid the appearance of mold in the bathtub, it is important to dry it well after each use, avoiding that the water stagnates. In addition, regardless of your cleaning habits, it is recommended to use specific products to eliminate mold on silicone joints in bathrooms and toilets.

By adopting these tips and maintaining a regular cleaning routine, you will keep your bathroom clean and avoid health problems related to mold.

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