The genius behind OpenAI and ChatGPT scared of the power of AI over the world! Find out who Sam Altman is!

, a 38-year-old American and CEO of , recently testified before the . Congress to call for regulation of the development and uses of (AI).

He fears that if this technology goes wrong, it could cause significant damage to the world. He says the benefits of the AI tools they have developed so far far far outweigh the . Altman said, “My biggest fear is that we will cause significant damage to the world. If this technology goes wrong, it can go very wrong.”

Co-founder of OpenAI… with Elon Musk

Altman is a Chicago-born entrepreneur and prominent technology leader in the field of artificial intelligence. He showed an interest in technology from a young age. In 1993, he got access to his first computer and began studying computer science at Stanford University. In 2005, Altman left college to enter the business world. He co-founded Loopt, a geolocation-based social network, and successfully raised money for the company, demonstrating his business acumen.

His next big step was to join Y Combinator (YC), a renowned tech startup gas pedal. While at YC, Altman played a crucial role in talent development and became president of the YC group. His exceptional track record caught the attention of outlets such as BusinessWeek and Forbes, which recognized him as an outstanding investor under 30 in 2015. However, Altman decided to focus on the field of AI and turned to OpenAI, an AI research and implementation organization that he had previously co-founded with high-profile figures such as .

OpenAI's goal is to help humanity with general AI

OpenAI defines itself as a company whose goal is for general AI to benefit humanity as a whole. It has gained popularity through tools such as DALL-E and , which have demonstrated the potential of artificial intelligence. Altman has played a leading role in managing OpenAI, although there have been criticisms of his approach and decisions, including questions about the direction and agreement with . He also acknowledges his concerns about the risks of AI, including election manipulation and the dissemination of false content.

However, Altman is also optimistic about the long-term positive impact of AI in generating new jobs and improvements in the labor market. After his presentation to Congress, we're likely to start hearing Sam Altman's name a lot from now on.

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