The hardest one yet: carrying a 75-inch TV on his back and on a unicycle

A video in which a person carries a huge 75-inch television on his back and rides away on a unicycle has gone viral on social .

New personal systems have allowed the streets of our cities to be filled with electric scooters, bicycles and other systems that, until now, were rarely used. One of them is the unicycle, a single-wheeled device that is very comfortable, since it hardly takes up any space, but it is not as easy to handle as you might think. Especially if you have to carry a large weight on your back?

And that's what a young man who has gone viral on social networks has done after the account @Jazzie654 shared the video. There you can see how the protagonist of this story comes out of a shopping mall with a 75-inch TV in its huge box and, shortly after, he stops to start maneuvering with it.

The young man pulls a rope out of his backpack and begins to pass it over and under the box, while the person recording the video is unclear as to what his intentions are. He works for more than a minute with the rope until, finally, he seems to get what he wanted, ties a few knots and leaves the box ready to take the next step.

Is it a fake?

After putting the leftover piece of rope in his backpack and placing it on his chest, the most incredible moment arrives. The young man bends down to place the television on his back as if it were another backpack… although in his case of enormous proportions. And what is even more shocking: he begins to manipulate the unicycle to get on it.

After a couple of maneuvers, the “hero” manages to get on the unicycle with the television on his back, while all the people who pass by him can't help but watch the scene. Also the man recording the whole sequence, who does not hesitate to get out of the car he was in to dedicate a few words to him for his feat.

The video ends without knowing if the young man achieved his goal and was able to carry the television to its destination, but the comments on the networks do not stop happening. There are those who believe that it is a fake video, while others are simply impressed by the boldness of the protagonist and there are those who venture to think that it is a ‘rider' who had to face the most difficult service of his life.

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