The homemade (and very effective) trick to fertilize all your plants without spending a cent

Whether they are big or small, inside or outside. Having at home will help us to decorate our interior and bring freshness to it.

They can be placed in the garden, on the terrace or balcony, but also in the living room, , bathroom and even in the bedroom. Because plants are beautiful and attractive, they refresh the air, purify it and absorb bad smells, among other things.

In recent years, plants have been gaining space in the home, breaking with the old idea that they are only for the elderly. Our environmental awareness and our relationship with nature are . Moreover, their cultivation and maintenance give us a healthier air and are very beneficial for our mental .

However, there are many doubts and insecurities about caring for them. This is true for those who do not have much experience with them, but also for those who are more experienced. The most important thing is to be calm and patient. Indeed, the only way to take care of them correctly is to know how to choose the plants according to our needs and to know their requirements to take care of them correctly.

A very effective home-made fertilizer

In addition to transplanting them into a pot or planter, watering them regularly, removing dry branches and leaves, and eliminating aphids and pests, you must not forget to fertilize them. We often use products bought in specialized stores or natural fertilizers prepared at home. However, there is a very effective homemade method that many people are probably not aware of.

It is to use corks, like the ones in wine bottles. Everyone has them at home and simply cutting them up, either with your hands or with a knife, and placing each piece in different parts of each plant's soil will provide nutrients and prevent mold from growing in the soil once they break down.

Using a cork as compost provides nutrients and prevents mold in the soil.

But corks can also be used as dried bark or leaves to protect plant roots, prevent weed growth and keep the soil moist. This is called mulching in the world of agriculture and . Another use for cork is to eliminate bad odors in the refrigerator. Simply place it next to the and it will absorb the odors and moisture.

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