The ideal colors to enhance your dark hair, according to stylists

Whether you're a fan of the all-black look or more attracted to bolder colors like purple or orange, know that color theory and your can help you determine the shades that will enhance your natural features.

Find out which shades work best with black or brown hair.

Bright pink, a vibrant color for dark hair

Hot pink and magenta have been trending lately, but you don't have to be a fashionista to wear them to perfection. Rachel Varney, a personal stylist in New York, says it's one of her favorite colors to suggest to people with dark hair.

“My clients are sometimes hesitant to try such a bright color, but their faces light up when they see how radiant it is,” she says. “Hot pink is especially flattering for people with and warm undertones.”

Dare to wear a round-neck sweater for a pop of color, or opt for a straight dress in this hue.

Emerald, a stunning color for dark hair

For another less common color to pair with dark hair, try emerald green.

“The depth of emerald complements dark hair and makes it even richer,” Varney explains. “Emerald green flatters both warm and cool skin.” If you also have green , this color will accentuate your features even more, she adds.

Wear it over a wrap dress, or choose a plaid blazer that incorporates this color into its pattern.

Red, the color of empowerment

Red, “the color of empowerment”, according to Monica Diaz, sustainable consultant, is a safe bet.

“Most people avoid red, thinking it's too imposing, but when they find the right red, it looks great on them,” Diaz shares.

So how do you find “the right red”? Diaz explains that it all depends on the undertones. If you have warm undertones, go for an orangey red. If you have cool undertones, choose a bluish red.

Navy blue, a classic and timeless color

is a classic, easy-to-wear color that looks great on people with dark hair. According to New York-based and image consultant Carol Davidson, it's an interesting alternative to the black hues that often dominate wardrobes.

“While black can be tiring, especially with age, navy blue has more vibrancy,” Davidson says.

However, one of her favorite pairings is navy blue and black. If you have blue eyes, Davidson says this shade is particularly flattering.

Burgundy, a more accessible version of red

If bright red still seems too bold, Davidson suggests burgundy as a more wearable alternative. In fact, she calls it pseudo-neutral.

“Fashion may classify it as an accent color, but burgundy also pairs easily with other colors besides the more common neutrals,” she explains. “Plus, burgundy is visually more interesting than black, brown, gray, etc.”

This color is especially good for people with cool, neutral undertones, as well as those with green eyes.

Yellow gold, a bold choice for dark hair

If you are hesitating in front of the display, opt for yellow .

“If a client has dark hair, I recommend trying bold yellow gold earrings – the stark contrast with brown or black hair creates a stunning visual effect,” says Alexis Taub, founder of jewelry brand Alexis Jae. Plus, it's a fabulous basic for everyday wear.

So don't hesitate any longer and dare these colors to enhance your dark hair and highlight your natural features.

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