The incredible benefits of investing in green infrastructure: You won’t be able to live without it!

Discover how to turn your savings into a responsible and profitable investment by participating in the development of green infrastructure. Thanks to new funds available in life insurance contracts, it has never been easier to invest in this fast- sector, while benefiting from numerous advantages.

Why is green infrastructure essential to our daily lives?

Green infrastructure is at the heart of our daily activities. Whether we turn on the tap, turn on the light, take a bus or connect to a social network, these infrastructures are everywhere. They include roads, networks, power lines, telecom networks and water treatment . Investing in these infrastructures allows you to give meaning to your savings while contributing to sustainable development.

A booming sector not to be missed

The green infrastructure sector is growing rapidly, driven by technological advances, demographic challenges and, above all, the energy transition. Solar farms, wind farms, recharging stations, methanization complexes, heating networks… The needs are massive. It is estimated that Europe will have to invest 200 billion euros per year over the next decade to develop these infrastructures. Generali Global Infrastructure (now Infranity), an asset management company specializing in sustainable investments, has doubled its assets over the past year, reaching 6 billion euros.

Investing in the real economy and making a difference

Instead of turning to opaque and difficult to understand financial products, savers can opt for a concrete and responsible investment. Participating in the development of rail transportation or the construction of care facilities brings real satisfaction. Moreover, this asset class is very stable and can be uncorrelated with the stock markets, thus offering against inflation and rate fluctuations.

Controlled risks for a serene investment

Once reserved for institutional investors, investment in green infrastructure has become more democratic. Although it is possible to invest directly via an equity portfolio, the associated with political, climatic or health hazards are not negligible. However, it is also possible to position oneself indirectly by investing in new offers present in life insurance contracts, thus guaranteeing the capital.

Thus, the saver can arbitrate at any time and preserve his need for liquidity while actively participating in sustainable development. Don't wait any longer, take the plunge and invest in green infrastructure for a more responsible and profitable future!

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