The Incredible Physical Change of Alessandra Torresani After The Big Bang Theory

Although actress is not well-known in the series , she played Claire in several episodes and they were vital for some great moments alongside the character Raj. Now, after several years, and her participation, fans have not been able to forget her and have been surprised by how different the star looks now.

The sitcom The Big Bang Theory has become a television phenomenon in its short existence. Although the plots and jokes contributed greatly to this success, for the vast majority of viewers the main attraction was undoubtedly the protagonists and guest stars that appeared in different seasons. Actress Alessandra Torresani was one of the stars who made a presence, and although she's not so recognized, some have been wondering who she is.

Alessandra Torresani debuted on television as the host of “WB Kids Club” on KBWB, a channel owned by WB in San Francisco. She was 8 years old when she got the part. She had her first role in 1997 in the television anthology series KaBlam, in the puppet short film The Tiki Brothers. In 1998, she appeared in an episode of the television series ER titled “Stuck on You,” followed by several episodic roles in various television series.

The actress is also known by followers of the television series The Big Bang Theory for her role as Claire in 2016-2017. She appeared in the ninth season episode “The Materialization of Meemaw” as an aspiring writer/buffoon who catches Raj Koothrappali () and Howard (Simon Helberg) discussing the merits of Frozen. Her character flirts with Raj, and over the course of several episodes, she eventually begins dating him. Although she only ended up appearing in six episodes.

Many fans of the series believe Claire is more suitable for Raj than Emily (Laura Spencer), and they want her to become a regular on the show. As one fan said, “I loved Claire. I couldn't stand Emily. Claire is perfect for Raj.” Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Alessandra Torresani continues with her : she recently played Duela Dent in Batwoman in 2020 and will appear in Women Are Losers in 2021.

Alessandra Torresani After Her Departure from The Big Bang Theory

Alessandra Torresani has been struggling with mental issues since The Big Bang Theory

In the process of overcoming bipolar disorder, Alessandra Torresani has launched a podcast, Emotional Support with Alessandra Torresani, in which she discusses topics with . As she writes on her website, “real connection is very important today. Every day there is more distance between moments of real human connection. I want to invite you to join me once a week and get to know someone at a deeper level than you knew them before.” She will also share new episodes with her followers to raise awareness about mental and what she has been doing now.

Alessandra Torresani was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 1 at just 22 years old. In one of her podcasts, she mentions that her symptoms began very early, around the age of two or three. She says she started having tantrums out of nowhere, instead of the usual tantrums. One minute she was happy and smiling, and the next she was banging her head against the window without reason.

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