The Incredible Transformation of Brian Thomas Smith After The Big Bang Theory

While few might recognize the actor Brian Thomas Smith by name, they would certainly recognize his role on “” as Zack. Smith delivered a stellar performance as Zack, and many were taken aback by how much he has changed over the years since his last appearance.

From the inception of “The Big Bang Theory”, viewers not only saw their favorite stars but also a fantastic ensemble of guest stars. Some of them appeared in various episodes of the series and left a lasting impression, like Zack, played by Brian Thomas Smith.

Brian Thomas Smith was born on May 13, 1977, in St. Louis, Missouri, and attended the University of Central Missouri before moving to Los Angeles. The actor has English, Welsh, Irish, German, African, and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. He took an introductory class with Laura Downing, which led him to for a spring play. After landing the role, Smith switched his major to acting and continued performing in plays and one-man shows.

He worked as a waiter until moving to Los Angeles in 2000. Throughout his , he has collaborated with fraternity brothers from Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi on various film and TV projects. Alongside his younger brother, Greg Smith, Brian Thomas appeared in the seventh season of “The Amazing Race”. In 2005, they took part in the CBS reality show and finished in sixth place. During the sixth leg of the race, the brothers and a cameraman were involved in an accident, which placed them in the last position.

One of Brian Thomas Smith's early roles was in an episode of the CBS series “Two and a Half Men”. He played Emmett in the episode “Ergo, Prey” (2006). Years later, Smith portrayed Zack Johnson in 11 episodes of the hit CBS series “The Big Bang Theory”. Zack was the quirky yet affable friend of Penny (Kaley Cuoco), whom she occasionally dated. The pair spontaneously married in Las Vegas, thinking it was a fake wedding, which was later annulled. Fans loved Zack's character, and despite his quirky , they found him more likable than Penny's other suitors.

Brian Thomas Smith Looks Unrecognizable After The Big Bang Theory

Brian Thomas Smith's transformation since “The Big Bang Theory” is truly astounding. Although he doesn't have social accounts for fans to keep up with his daily life, recent photos and videos from his latest projects reveal his drastic change. Brian Thomas Smith has been his hair and beard out, a look that is quite surprising for fans who knew him from “The Big Bang Theory”.

Brian Thomas Smith remains an active actor. He made a cameo in the sitcom “United States of AI”, playing Freddie, the Canadian boyfriend of Vanessa (Kelly Goss). The series follows an artist from Afghanistan who relocates to Ohio with his friend, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He appears in the show alongside fellow “Big Bang Theory” alumnus John Ross Bowie.

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