The iPhone 14 disappoints its users like never before in a decade

A survey by PerfectRec reveals that satisfaction with 's 14 has seen a significant drop from the iPhone 13. Since the iPhone 6, each generation of the iPhone has been rated higher than the previous one with the iPhone 13 reaching its peak, especially the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the iPhone 14 disappointed customers and even scored lower than the iPhone 8.

What did the iPhone 14 miss?

According to PerfectRec, the iPhone 14 did not bring as many improvements and changes as the previous generations. As a result, customers rated the product lower, feeling that the improvements made were not up to their expectations. Some reviewers called the iPhone 14 improvements “modest” and “a small improvement.”

Apple also made an unusual decision to reuse the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 Pro in the base model of the iPhone 14, which it typically only does for its cheaper offerings. This choice likely reinforced the perception that the iPhone 14 was not an innovative product. On top of that, Apple didn't update the 60 Hz refresh rate of the base iPhone 14 model and didn't replace the much-criticized “notch” with a real piercing lens as some observers had predicted. So the notch remained unchanged on the base model iPhone 14 and got a slight dynamic island upgrade on the 14 Pro and Pro Max.

PerfectRec's report gives hints for the future of the iPhone

According to PerfectRec, if Apple wants to regain the level of customer satisfaction it once had, it will have to do something innovative with the iPhone 15. The report shows that improvements to the brand's products have caused customers to give higher and higher ratings, but customers are also waiting for new things to happen so they can get excited and rate Apple's new products positively.

PerfectRec's report is a warning to Apple for the future of the iPhone, and calls on the brand to continue to make significant improvements to its products and surprise customers with cutting-edge innovations. This is how Apple can regain favor with its customers and maintain its success in the industry.

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