The Last of Us and these 3 other games make gaming history!

, Wii Sports, Computer Space and Designer, these four video game legends join the Video Game Hall of Fame at its 2023 induction ceremony. The event has been held annually since 2015 at the National Strong Game Museum in Rochester, New York, and celebrates the games that have shaped our and culture.

New inductees meet four basic criteria: being a recognized icon, having crossed borders, having an influence on the and development of other games, and having popularity over time. Games such as Super Mario Bros., Tetris, The Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter II have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Scenarios of the new titles in the Hall of Fame

In a statement reproduced by Vandale, the reasons for choosing each game inducted are explained:

The Last of Us: “Despite its 2013 debut, it remains very popular for its quality gameplay and solid story. The 2023 HBO adaptation expanded its popularity”.

Wii Sports: “Its real influence is that it turned millions of people who had never played before into gamers. It became a phenomenon, and stories emerged about various groups of people, including seniors, on their couches, sweating with virtual versions of bowling, tennis and more.

Computer Space: “There was no video game industry in 1970. The programs we now call video games were stored on computers in universities and research labs, inaccessible to the public. Computer Space changed all that in 1971.”

Barbie Fashion Designer: “Digital Domain / showed that a game aimed at girls could succeed by selling over 500,000 copies in two months. The game expanded the market at an important and still relevant time about gender and stereotypes.”

This Saturday's event numbers

This Saturday's event will be an opportunity to celebrate not only the new inductees, but also the games that were already in the Hall. According to organizers, “the day will be filled with video games and activities, allowing visitors to play and interact with their favorite cultural history.”

The museum will also feature animations, such as a life-size Mario level, creating an 8-bit Space Invader alien or building a creation with Minecraft blocks. It's a ceremony for young and old alike that promises to be full of joy and good humor.

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