The latest hidden feature of the iPhone 14 that saved lives in the U.S.!

Stephen Watts, Bridger Woods and Jeremy Mumford are three Brigham Young University students who share a passion for exploring Utah's mountainous areas. Recently, the trio faced a moment of deadly stress when they got stuck in a deep, icy canyoneering area in the region.

For several hours, the students struggled to get out of the dangerous situation, but without success. Fortunately, thanks to 's 14, they managed to call for help and were rescued in extremis.

A miraculous rescue thanks to the SOS Emergency function of the iPhone 14

When they got stuck in the canyon, the three friends quickly realized they weren't going to make it out on their own. The cold and hypothermic shock added to their dismay, but fortunately, Watts had remembered to activate the SOS Emergency feature on his iPhone 14.

By activating the feature, they were able to text authorities and share their location with them. “The canyon was about 500 feet deep of sheer rock walls. Every 20 minutes or so, a satellite would line up with where we were in the canyon and, by holding the phone up, we could get a signal. With that signal, we would send text messages to 911 in Emery County,” Mumford says.

With this feature, emergency responders were able to locate the three students and quickly respond to get them out of the dangerous situation.

The importance of having a quality smartphone

This incident shows the importance of having a high performance smartphone with advanced features. A quality cell phone can save lives in emergency situations.

Although the SOS Emergency feature is only available on the iPhone 14 series smartphones, it may be implemented on other models in the future. In the meantime, it's important to make sure your smartphone has stable internet access, a strong enough battery and optimal sound quality for emergency calls.

We are thrilled that the three students were saved by their iPhone 14 and hope this incident will remind everyone of the importance of quality technology in emergency situations.

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