The Line : Breathtaking images unveil the city of the future, the world’s largest construction project

This is the dawn of a new era in Saudi Arabia, where the sand dunes have begun to give way to the concrete foundations of , the city of the future. Billed as the world's largest construction project, The Line has caused a sensation across the globe, capturing our imaginations with its grand vision of a futuristic utopia.

The future begins today: the birth of the world's most futuristic city, the line

Dreams of the future are coming to life in Saudi Arabia with the creation of The Line, a city that will redefine the meaning of urban life. Its has sparked intrigue around the world, as new images from the project site reveal an impressive large-scale construction operation in progress.

Captured by aerial photographer Giles Pendleton, the intriguing images highlight the immense scale of this pioneering project. Like an artist's brushstrokes on a canvas, the machines draw the skeleton of what will become the city of tomorrow. The images offer a bird's-eye view of the desert, where we see trucks and other heavy machinery working diligently to bring The Line to life.

Why the line is set to be the world's most futuristic city

With a plan that spans an impressive 34 square kilometers, The Line promises a combination of comfort, convenience and eco-consciousness that is second to none. Its name derives from its unique architecture – a series of skyscrapers stretching in a line across the desert, reaching heights of around 500 meters and covering 170 kilometers. Nestled in the province of Tabuk, The Line is a testament to architectural and sustainable living.

The Line offers a lifestyle where every conceivable amenity is just a five-minute walk away. Between its twin skyscrapers, a two-metre gap provides the space needed to accommodate an estimated 9 million residents. Schools, parks, pedestrian zones, homes and workplaces – it's all close at hand.

An ambitious vision: taking the line from dream to reality

Conceived as part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 plan, The Line has a monumental budget of $500 billion. Although the first shovels didn't hit the ground until October 2022, the project's ambitions are high, promising a completed city in the not-too-distant future.

The Line embodies the idea of zero-gravity urbanism, layering city functions vertically and allowing residents to move up, down and across. The city's design eliminates the need for traditional cars, replacing them with electric flying cabs, while a high-speed train promises to transport passengers from one end of the city to the other in just 20 minutes.

Embracing technology: a glimpse of life in the line

The Line's ambitious vision goes beyond its physical infrastructure. Residents can expect a helping hand from AI-powered robotic avatars and holograms in their daily lives, assisting with household chores and other tasks.

Conceived as a zero-carbon city powered by renewable energy, The Line will feature huge 500-meter mirrors to help moderate the harsh desert climate. The city will not only reshape the urban landscape, it will also redefine our relationship with technology and the environment.

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