The Line: New images of the world’s largest city of the future and construction unveiled

Saudi Arabia is rubbing its hands together waiting for to become a reality. A megalopolis that aims to be the world's most futuristic, most modern city and is considered to be the world's largest construction, new images of which have been revealed.

The unpublished photos were taken by photographer Giles Pendleton, who did his work from the heights.

The images confirm that on The Line is already underway. The drone photos show how builders are working on the early stages of the project, with trucks and other heavy equipment in the desert.

As can be seen, excavators appear to be marking a large line in the ground that will be the framework on which the futuristic city will be built.

Why The Line will be the most futuristic city in the world

The Line will be a metropolis that will operate in a single 34-square-kilometer structure. Basically, it is two skyscrapers that are about 500 meters high and 170 km long, tracing a striking line in the middle of the desert in the Middle East that lives up to its name. It is located in the province of Tabuk.

The buildings will be two meters apart from each other and its 500 meters in height will allow enough space for the 9 million residents who will have access to any of their needs by walking for only five minutes: public parks, pedestrian areas, schools, homes and workplaces.

The Line project was launched in 2016 as part of Saudi Arabia's $500 billion Vision 2030 plan. Excavation work only began in October 2022, so there is still no date for the opening of doors. It would be in half a century.

The main idea of Neom is a concept of “zero-gravity urbanism”, superimposing the functions of the city vertically. Inhabitants will be able to move in three directions: up, down and transversely.

The Line can be driven by flying cabs and there will be no traditional cars: all vehicles in the air will be electric. In addition, residents of the megalopolis will have a high-speed train that will go from end to end in just 20 minutes, a service that any capital city in the world would want.

The futuristic city will also feature robotic avatars and holograms powered by . Intelligent robots will help with household chores and provide care for residents in different areas of The Line, which promises zero carbon emissions, renewable energy and will be lined on all sides with giant 500-meter-high mirrors to alleviate the area's desert climate.

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