The long-awaited Superman and Hulk crossover reveals some surprising secrets!

Midjourney has just given birth to a new superhero, a fusion between Superman and Hulk, with a striking graphic rendering. At the origin of this idea, the designer Paul Parsons who posted on his account images of this incredible mash-up.

The origins of Superman and Hulk, key characters of the DC and Marvel universes

Superman is one of the most legendary characters in American comics, created in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for Comics. Possessing super strength, speed, endurance, the ability to fly and -ray vision, among other powers, Superman is one of the most heroes of the DC Universe.

The Hulk is one of the most emblematic characters of , created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962 for the comic book “The Incredible Hulk #1”. He is a green-skinned humanoid being with a gigantic , immeasurable physical strength, powerful jumps, as well as a huge fury. Dr. Bruce Banner's alter ego was born after he was accidentally exposed to gamma rays during a bomb explosion.

The AI Midjourney, the creation of superheroes

The Midjourney AI works in a simple way, the user asks it to create an image, from a textual description. Then, the digital artist takes over to add details or retouches. This is how Paul Parsons was able to create this incredible mash-up between Superman and Hulk, two of the most famous superheroes of the DC and Marvel universes.

The result : An incredible hero

The result is bluffing, the character is a fusion between Superman and Hulk. His fierce look alone embodies the brute force of both characters. The drawings posted on Instagram have been very popular with fans of comics and superheroes.

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