The most inspiring Instagram profiles to stretch your muscles

Sitting for hours on end, poor posture or little exercise are just some of the factors that influence how our bodies suffer in the long term.

Therefore, it's important to include stretching exercises in our routine to strengthen our muscles.

There are already thousands of users known as yoggis and fans of practices focused on toning and stretching the body. Many of them claim that dynamics like Pilates or have changed their lives and also their appearance.

Having greater flexibility means improving performance when performing physical activities, reducing the risk of injury, increasing blood flow to muscles and enabling them to work more efficiently. What's more, another of the benefits of stretching is that it leaves no room for much of an excuse (besides laziness). It's free, you can spend just five minutes of your time and do it from home.

If you need to find motivation, here are five Instagram profiles that will help you be consistent and offer new exercises almost daily.


Adriana is a Menorcan-born Instagrammer with a degree in physical education and sports science, who moved to Barcelona at the age of 18. On her Instagram, she shares that she loves traveling, eating and her Bali. What's more, she is co-founder of Conscious Entrepreneur events, an initiative to reconnect with the essence of each individual. In her profile, you'll find recipes and on responsible eating and Pilates and stretching exercises. If you want to focus more on your lifestyle and make decisions to improve your overall , this is the account for you.


Patrick is world-renowned for his practice of yoga. In addition to founding his own academy, he has also created several online classroom courses. The lessons he teaches focus primarily on achieving greater strength and flexibility and establishing a powerful connection between body and mind. Patrick already has over 500,000 followers on Instagram and is considered one of the most influential yoga gurus.


This French yoga instructor and writer made a name for herself on the Internet by sharing videos on YouTube as a yoga and meditation coach. She is also known for founding Free Yoga, a movement that attempts to bring the discipline to everyone for free. In addition, she received the Elle Women Awards in the category in 2020 and was a yoga teacher in the OT 2018 edition.


This Santiago, Chile-based physical therapist and kinesiologist has the solution to any pain. Whether it's your lower back, elbows, neck or shoulders, you'll find tips on his Instagram page for relieving everyday discomfort.


In the same line, we have Alejandro Lalli. In his Instagram description, you can read, “I accompany you to free yourself from physical pain and achieve your maximum state of health and peace of mind through my method of biopsycho-emotional osteopathy.” What are you waiting for?

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