The most powerful signs of the Zodiac, according to astrologers

Imagine an influential person, unafraid of confrontation, who generally gets what he or she wants. This image could well be determined by the stars, according to astrologers, who believe that certain are the most influential and dominant. Let's delve into the seven most , according to astrologers.

Virgo's practicality and efficiency

is often considered a powerful sign because of its analytical, detail-oriented, perfectionist, demanding, critical thinking and practical efficiency,” says astrologer Emily Newman. Virgos take their obligations very seriously and are prepared to make the necessary efforts to achieve their goals.

Virgos are often the ones who take the initiative and lead the team, which gives you confidence in their ability to do so.

Sagittarius optimism and thirst for adventure

According to Newman, adopts a philosophical attitude that is “frequently associated with power”. “Sagittarius' optimism, enthusiasm and versatility enable those born under this sign not only to forge new paths, but also to seek continuous growth in all aspects of life,” says Bella Nguen, astrologer at Indielogy Magazine.

Sagittarians then use this ambition to propel themselves forward as “cosmic explorers”. “Their power comes from their adventurous spirit and expansive knowledge,” adds Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare.

Capricorn's sense of responsibility and ambition

“Capricorns earn their place among the most powerful signs thanks to their unwavering ambition, practicality and strong work ethic,” explains Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac. “They have a strong sense of responsibility and an ability to set long-term goals and pursue them with determination.”

Rodriguez also notes 's disciplined approach to life, adding that “their perseverance, patience and ability to navigate obstacles contribute to their perception of power.”

The unshakeable will and stability of Taurus

“Taureans are perceived as powerful because of their unwavering determination, stability and reliability,” says Newman. “They are well known for their strong work ethic and practical outlook on life, which can lead to great achievements.”

Nguen also adds Taureans to his list, citing their determination and dedication to achieving whatever goal they set for themselves.

The inspiring and charismatic power of Leo

Leo is notoriously powerful, this sign being represented by the king of the jungle, the lion. “Leos are born leaders who attract attention and radiate charisma,” says Rachel Clare. “Their power lies primarily in their ability to inspire and uplift others.”

Newman adds that Leo exudes an air of “confidence, charm and a natural ability to demand attention,” all things we'd associate with powerful people. “Leo thrives in the spotlight and often excels in , inspiring others with enthusiasm and determination,” says Newman.

Scorpio's fiery passion and strong intuition

Scorpios are born leaders known for their “fiery and passionate” personalities, according to Newman. Nguen explains that Scorpios are both “captivating and formidable”, capable of overcoming any challenge. However, this water sign is unique in that it doesn't shy away from its feelings.

“Their deep emotional perception and strong intuition give them a distinct advantage over others, enabling them to navigate life's complexities with finesse,” she says. “These are the people you want by your side in a tricky situation,” Nguen adds. “Scorpios become introspective while navigating even the worst-case scenarios. This characteristic helps them create better plans over time.”

The indomitable spirit and determination of Aries

While the competition was tight, it was the first sign of the zodiac that stood out as the most powerful. According to Clare, being the one who “kicks off” the astrological cycle gives a “sense of power and an indomitable spirit”.

Like others on this list, Aries demonstrate ambition and vitality and aren't afraid to take risks, but they also possess something unique. “What sets Aries apart from their fellow firebrands is their cardinal modality and symbol, the ram,” says Clare. “Aries, with its fierce determination and willingness to take risks, charges ahead fearlessly, initiating action.” Rodriguez also points to these pioneers as among the most powerful people, noting their assertiveness and “unwavering drive to achieve success.”

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