The most unstable zodiac sign, according to astrologers

Why are some people so unpredictable? The answer may well lie in astrology. According to professional astrologers, there are some particularly volatile signs, ranging from slightly tense to extremely explosive. In this article, we'll introduce you to these most unstable signs.

1. Gemini: kings of unpredictability

As the sign of the twins, Geminis are known for their unpredictability. Their curiosity and of variety often lead them to explore several paths simultaneously, which can result in sudden changes of opinion or direction. Their feelings are extreme, which can make them unstable in the moment.

2. Cancers: intense emotions

Cancers are constantly grappling with their own emotions, as well as those of others. They want everyone to be happy, so they prefer to hide in their shells rather than solve their problems. However, this inner turmoil eventually explodes over the slightest thing, making Cancers very volatile.

3. Scorpios: the explosive combination of Mars and Pluto

Scorpios are ruled by and Pluto, a powerful combination of aggression and volatility. Their emotions are extremely intense, which can cause them to react impulsively or violently if they feel threatened. Scorpios calculate their every move and don't hesitate to make their point, even if it leaves them alone.

4. Sagittarians: the quest for adventure

With their love of thrills and travel, it's no surprise that Sagittarians hate being tied down. Their restless nature fuels their adventurous spirit, but can also make them unpredictable. If they feel trapped or bored, they'll react with force, seeking immediate change or excitement.

5. Aquarians: ideas that bubble over

Aquarians are surprisingly volatile, thanks to their unwavering curiosity and desire to make the world a better place. Their unconventional approach and sudden ideas or drastic changes of perspective make them unstable signs. Their volatility is not driven by their emotions, but rather by their boundless creativity.

6. Aries: ready to explode at any moment

Ruled by the warrior planet Mercury, Aries are often compared to volcanoes, ready to erupt at any moment. These fire signs have no problem expressing their anger, and have little patience for trivial details. Their impulsiveness can cause problems, but their anger is short-lived.

In summary, some are more volatile than others due to their intrinsic nature. , Cancer, , , and Aries are all susceptible to mood swings in the blink of an eye. So, if you know one, be careful and avoid upsetting them.

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