The most vicious sign of the Zodiac, according to the Astrologers… never trust it!

It seems that some people to destroy others just because they can. They'll talk about you behind your back and get carried away over nothing. Their bite is as violent as their bark, so be careful not to antagonize them.

If you hurt them in any way, they will attack you even harder. This could simply be due to a bad day (or year?), but could be an even bigger factor. Keep reading to find out which zodiac sign is the most vicious, from mildly brutal to downright sadistic.

6 Capricorn

Capricorn never backs down from a challenge. Whether it's pushing themselves to the limit in their or standing up for their family and friends, they won't stop until they've achieved their goal. “Their intensity in these moments can be surprising,” says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

These serious signs have a reputation for being ruthless and determined, almost to a fault. With Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, as their ruler, they can be inflexible and uncompromising.

In other words, Capricorn will do anything to finish at the top, even if it means stomping a few toes to get there. “This often makes them cold, calculating and even vicious in the of those around them,” says Rachel Clare, professional astrologer at Mystic Sense.

5 Pisces

may not be the first person you think of when it comes to nastiness, but they have a dark side too. “They are ruled by Neptune, the planet that rules drugs, addictions, dreams and illusions, which makes them unbalanced and sometimes vicious,” explains Rebecca Schmidt, astrologer at Trust the Effing Process.

Because they just want to make sure everyone is taken care of, these Pisces often have trouble setting boundaries. They always know what you need and are very sensitive to emotions, but they can also use them against you. So don't let your guard down too quickly.

They also love harder than most people, and if they don't feel the same love or attention in return, they're prone to getting angry. Also, if these water signs feel used or manipulated in any way, they will become bitter almost instantly.

4 Taurus

is the sign most set in their ways. Schmidt says they can be hostile or unpleasant if things aren't exactly the way they like them. In addition to disliking change, they are extremely protective and loyal to those closest to them.

“They're not afraid to stand up to anyone who threatens their relationships or their sense of ,” Clare adds. “This can often make them appear territorial or even aggressive.”

They have a reputation for being vicious at times. These earth signs approach things practically and logically rather than emotionally, so if they're a bit harsh, it's because they just want the best possible outcome.

3 Gemini

As an air sign, thrives on social situations and opportunities where they can let their curiosity run wild. However, they are also incredibly unpredictable, thanks to their dualistic nature: you never really know what will come out of their mouth.

“They tend to have a mischievous side and can be prone to causing drama for the sake of entertainment,” Clare explains. Being very good communicators, they will sometimes play with other people's minds or use their words in a manipulative way to get what they want, which gives them a vicious side.

Gemini may not intend to hurt you, but their sharp tongue can leave a scar if you are not careful.

2 Aries

is extremely feisty. “They are ruled by , the planet of aggression and war, so the ability to be vicious is part of their nature,” explains Schmidt.

They are incredibly competitive and thrive in difficult situations. Their need to be constantly ahead of the game makes them ruthless and destructive, and they have little room to care about others they hurt along the way.

Because of their passionate nature, they tend to be impulsive and their temper often takes over. They are harsh and inflexible in their words; being sensitive is not their forte.

1 Scorpio

Scorpios are resentful people who hold grudges until their last breath. They will never be the ones to forgive and forget. Bennet points out that they are always looking for the perfect moment to exact revenge. No one turns to dark behavior like them, which is why they are the most vicious zodiac sign.

Like Aries, they are also ruled by Mars, as well as Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, so it's no wonder they can be intense, even intimidating. This combination, coupled with their fixed modality, makes them truly unstoppable. They have sharp tongues and are not afraid to use any means at their disposal to get what they want.

“Ultimately, this intense sign is no stranger to being overwhelmed by their emotions and reacting with great violence in their worst moments,” Clare concludes. Clare concludes. So the next time you meet someone belonging to one of these zodiac signs, be aware of their vicious potential and act with caution.

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