The mysterious Japanese secret to lose weight in 5 minutes a day: the Sakuma method!

Tired of diets that don't work? Discover the Sakuma method, a revolution from Japan that promises to transform your body in just two weeks with only 5 minutes of exercise per day. Ready to take on the challenge?

Kenichi Sakuma, the Japanese fitness guru

Just as conquered the world with her tidying up method, Kenichi Sakuma, a Japanese sports coach, proposes a program to obtain an ideal, slender, young and balanced body in just two weeks. The Sakuma method, also called Sakuma Full Body, consists of five one-minute exercises each day to tone muscles, strengthen abs and .

Adopted by Japanese and supermodels, the Sakuma method has won over millions of people around the world. Its technique is distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility to the greatest number of people. Moreover, it requires only a minimum amount of time each day and does not cause a yo-yo effect.

The secret of the Sakuma method: activate the metabolism

To lose weight and slim down the figure, regardless of age or body type, Sakuma offers 5 one-minute exercises that engage the abdominal muscles and core, improving the figure and optimizing efforts while accelerating the basal metabolism. The key is to maintain an active metabolism so that the body burns more calories at rest, resulting in more body fat reduction with less movement.

To do this, it is essential to correct poor postural habits that prevent fat loss. The muscles of the trunk are usually not very strong, which causes a tilt of the pelvis resulting in muscle imbalance. This leads to an accumulation of fat in the areas you want to slim down, such as the stomach, arms or thighs.

Learn to use the muscles of the trunk correctly

With the Sakuma method, we learn to use the muscles of the trunk properly, to straighten the spine, to keep the pelvis perpendicular to the ground and to tone the trunk. In this way, the 5 joints that bear the most weight (neck, shoulders, pelvis, knees and ankles) are aligned and the muscles of the entire body work in a balanced way.

Exercises of the Sakuma method

Here are the five exercises proposed by the Sakuma method:

  • Strengthening the abdominal muscles and buttocks: Lying on your stomach with your hands behind your neck, lift your upper body without lifting your abdomen off the ground. Lift your legs straight and tight together, arching your back. Cross your ankles, pushing your feet outward for 10 seconds. Do 3 reps, resting between each set.
  • Reduce waistline: Lying down, place your hands under your head and bend your legs. Bend at the waist so that the palm of your hand can pass between your lumbar region and the floor, and hold this position for 20 seconds. Next, pull in your stomach and keep your abs tight as you breathe in. Exhale for 10 seconds, inhale and exhale again for 10 seconds. Repeat the process 3 times.
  • Tone your thighs: Lying on your stomach, place your arms crossed under your chin. Lift your feet, cross your ankles and raise them up with your knees bent, pulling your muscles away from the floor. Hold the position for 6 seconds, rest and repeat 10 times. This exercise helps the thighs regain their optimal shape.
  • Firm the chest: Sitting on a chair, cross your arms and spread your feet to the width of your hips. Grab your elbows with your hands and place them on your knees, lifting your arms above your head without moving your trunk. Hold for 6 seconds and repeat 10 times.
  • Improve : Get into a squatting position with feet together and trunk leaning forward. Put your palms on the floor and quickly stand up on your toes with your arms up and your hands open. Stretch as far as you can and repeat the sequence 10 times.

For the first two weeks, it is recommended that you do these exercises daily, then increase to three times a week starting in the third week. Remember to combine these exercises with a healthy, balanced . The Sakuma method recommends three meals a day, without skipping breakfast, which should be taken half an hour after waking up.

During the first 15 days, practice the exercises daily, then three times a week. Water is essential in this diet, which prohibits alcohol and limits sweets. If you eat sweets, it is recommended to divide this consumption in two to facilitate the digestion of sugars and thus increase energy expenditure. In addition, this method is also effective against headaches, muscle pain, menstrual pain and even by keeping the core active.

The Sakuma method is a revolutionary approach from Japan to lose weight and sculpt the body in just 5 minutes of exercise per day. This simple and accessible technique has already seduced millions of people around the world. By correcting bad postural habits and activating the metabolism, you can see amazing results in just two weeks. Don't hesitate, try the Sakuma method and discover the Japanese secret for an ideal, slender and toned body!

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