The names of the 10 actors approached for the Fantastic Four finally revealed!

Ever since the announcement of Studios' next Fantastic Four movie in 2019, superhero fans have been eager to find out who the lead roles will go to.

With the reboot of the superhero team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many ' names have been brought up for this major scheduled for February 14, 2025 as part of Phase 6 of the MCU. Who is likely to play Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm? Check out the latest casting speculation for this long-awaited feature film.

Adam Driver as Reed Richards and other speculations

While early speculation had Adam Driver playing Doctor Doom, more and more fans are actually expecting him to play Reed Richards himself. DanielRPK even stated that Driver would be in “final negotiations” for the role. Should the actor not be cast, other names are also circulating to play the head of the superhero quartet's . John Krasinski, who previously played a variation of Richards in Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse, Ryan Gosling and Penn Badgley are some of the celebrities being considered to play the iconic character.

Emily Blunt, Margot Robbie, Mila Kunis, Jodie Comer or Rachel Brosnahan: possible candidates to play Sue Storm

The famous invisible woman, Sue Storm, is another role coveted by many famous actresses. While Emily Blunt is widely considered an ideal choice to play the character, as she is married to John Krasinski in real life, other options are also being considered. Margot Robbie, who has already worked with for her role as Harley Quinn, Mila Kunis, who is not yet known to be seriously considered, Jodie Comer, who has not heard anything but is not denying herself anything and Rachel Brosnahan, considered a potential favorite, are also possible suitors for the role.

Who will be Johnny Storm and The Thing?

Despite the enthusiasm of fans for The Human Torch and The Thing, there are no concrete names to play them. Paul Mescal and Austin Butler are the most mentioned actors for the role of Johnny Storm in the rumors, while David Harbour, already seen at Marvel as Red Guardian in Black Widow, is considered by some fans as the ideal choice for The Thing. However, nothing has been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios yet.

Ultimately, the casting of Marvel's Fantastic Four is yet to be confirmed and we'll have to wait to find out the final choices. However, for now, these speculations are building excitement around this highly anticipated film. Which actors and actresses would you picture playing these famous superheroes?

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