The norwegian method for a happier, less stressful and longer life!

Koselig is a Norwegian approach to living that involves embracing and enjoying winter, without letting the cold and lack of get you down.

Unlike Danish Hygge, which focuses on creating a peaceful and visually pleasing environment indoors, Koselig goes further by encouraging social interaction and getting outdoors to enjoy the pleasures of winter.

The goal of the Koselig is to focus on the present moment and savor the warmth and friendliness that can be found with loved ones. This method encourages one to celebrate winter rather than wait impatiently for the return of the warm weather.

How can you adopt the Koselig Method into your life?

To integrate the Koselig into your daily life and taste Scandinavian happiness, here are some to follow:

  • Don't complain about the weather

Learn to enjoy each season without constantly complaining about the cold in winter. Focus on the activities and projects you can do now, instead of dreaming about vacation.

  • Don't compare yourself to others

Stop comparing yourself to others and letting jealousy overtake you when you see photos of trips and events shared on social networks. Remember that these moments are only a tiny part of the reality of other people's lives.

Get out and enjoy the outdoors

Norwegians are known to enjoy , even when the temperatures are low. Follow their lead and get outside for activities such as hiking, skiing or sledding. This will keep you active and allow you to enjoy the benefits of being in contact with nature.

Surround yourself with your loved ones

Koselig encourages spending time with friends and to warm up and share social time. Organize parties, meals or outings to strengthen your bonds and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

By adopting the Koselig Method, you can reduce stress, improve your and extend your life. So why not try these tips today and discover for yourself the secrets of Scandinavian happiness?

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