The phenomenon of mysterious attraction after a breakup: the reasons revealed

In recent months, the “post breakup glow up” phenomenon has been spreading on social networks. This expression, which comes from the English language, invites us to shine after a breakup and radically transform ourselves to bring out the best version of ourselves.

A physical transformation after a break-up

Celebrities who dare to change

It's rare to see choose to radically change their appearance after a break-up. Yet some stars have dared to take the plunge. Zac Efron surprised everyone by welcoming 2021 with a stunning mullet. Ana de Armas said goodbye to her long hair after breaking up with Ben Affleck. And Miley Cyrus completely changed her after her split with Liam Hemsworth.

Self-esteem and emotional well-being

A link between appearance and self-esteem

Internet users claim that there is a direct link between self-esteem, emotional and perception of one's own appearance in people who have experienced a recent romantic breakup. Why is this the case?

The healing period after a break-up

Post-breakup healing cycles

Break-ups generally follow cycles, and as negative emotions subside, we feel lighter and more optimistic. This healing process is also reflected in physical appearance and facial expression, considered to mirror the soul.

Rediscover and care for yourself

A period of self-discovery

Experts stress the importance of viewing the post-breakup period as one of self-discovery and . It's an opportunity to refocus on oneself and take care of one's needs.

Tips for reaching your best self

How to get your best version

If you've been through a breakup and want to transform your life, here are some recommendations that can help :

  • Allow yourself a change: Dare to try a new haircut, renew your wardrobe or take advantage of a treatment that will make you feel better than ever.
  • Cultivate self-esteem: Think about your goals, your values and what you want in your life. Work on your inner confidence and overcome your personal challenges.
  • Rediscover your passions: Devote time to your favorite hobbies and learn to enjoy your own company.
  • Rebuild your : Stay close to friends and who can support you emotionally.
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