The secret of a great Italian chef: cooking pasta two minutes shorter

In this article, we'll tell you the secret of a great Italian chef, which is to cook pasta two minutes less. Indeed, pasta is one of our favorite dishes but many people make mistakes when cooking it. Therefore, this little secret should help you succeed in your pasta dish like a great Italian chef in the future.

The secret of a great Italian chef

Indeed, this secret of a great Italian chef will help to improve your pasta dishes in the future. In this sense, several chefs have revealed the many mistakes that housewives make when serving this Italian specialty.

For example, pouring the pasta water into the or using the wrong portion of pasta, mistakes that could be avoided. Nevertheless, there is a quick and effective solution to make up for these frequent mistakes so that they don't spoil our dishes.

Recently, the famous chef Aldo Zilli explained to the British newspaper The Mirror that our pasta is often overcooked. Many restaurants serve overcooked pasta, while most customers dry pasta.

Therefore, the expert recommends that we remove our pasta from the fire two minutes before the time indicated on the box. After that, you must finish cooking in the sauce so that the pasta absorbs all the flavours.

Cook the pasta two minutes less

In fact, this secret of a great Italian chef represents a revolution for your small pasta dishes. In this sense, it all depends on the cooking time, the amount of pasta and salt, without forgetting the sauce that accompanies it.

Apparently, to avoid hearing people complain about sticky pasta, Italians prefer to cook it perfectly al dente. At the same time, they always use a large pot to boil the pasta.

In particular, the large pot must be filled with water to allow the starch to dilute during the boiling process. Also, this tip will prevent your pasta from becoming soft and sticky.

On the other hand, you can add 2 to 3 tablespoons of cooking water to your sauce to make it creamier. But still, the pasta cooking water is also a natural fertilizer that you can pour on your .

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