The secret to cleaning dirty pots and pans that is all the rage on social media!

Tired of burnt and dirty pots and pans after cooking? Check out this tip that has already won over 11 million people and promises to make your cooking utensils look like new in just a few hours!

Cooking, a pleasure and a daily challenge

For some people, cooking on a daily basis is a real joy, but it can also be a real headache for others. It's not just the preparation of the meals that is a challenge, but also the cleaning and removal of grease from our cooking utensils.

Fortunately, our elders regularly pass on to make these chores easier. The arrival of social networks has made it possible to share these tips with the whole world, thus simplifying our daily life. The proof is in the pudding with this tiktoker who reveals her secret to remove grease from pots and pans.

La mamá de las recetas, a star of social networks

La mamá de las recetas is her pseudonym on . With more than 2.6 million followers, each of her videos is a hit thanks to their simplicity. This content creator shares her recipes and tips, including one that brings “ugly and burnt” pots and pans back to life.

@lamamadelasrecetas Cosas fáciles y este típ para limpiar y quitarle la grasa a tus ollas ???? Ingredientes -1 limón – bicarbonato – diluyente para tintura de cabello – jabón de cuerpo #hacks #tips ♬ BREAK MY SOUL – Beyoncé

A grandmotherly trick that went viral

More than 11 million people have learned how to clean their grease from pots and pans thanks to La mamá de las recetas. To achieve this feat, you will only need these ingredients:

– A lemon- - thinner- A black plastic bag- A sponge- A solid soap

The foolproof method

Follow these steps for a bluffing result:

1. Scrub the base of the pot or pan generously with a lemon, focusing on the dirtiest areas.2. Add a generous amount of baking soda and spread it around so that it adheres to the entire surface.3. Then pour in a generous amount of thinner.4. Cover the pan with a black plastic bag and leave it in the sun for at least two hours.

After this time, remove the plastic bag, take a sponge and rub it with solid soap. All that's left is to scrub the base of the pot or pan well and rinse it so that it looks like new, without effort! A tip that La mamá de las recetas shared a few months ago, but has since gone viral on social networks. Don't waste any more time and energy scrubbing your utensils, try this revolutionary tip now! You'll be surprised by the results in no time.

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