The secret to keeping your cat happy and healthy: play!

Find out why play is crucial to your 's and how to turn this activity into an unforgettable bonding moment. Follow our on how to choose the best accessories and create a fulfilling play routine for you and your cat.

Play, a key to a cat's development and balance

Play is essential for the growth and development of your cat, whether it is a kitten or an adult. It is therefore essential to give it time and attention, both in terms of quantity and quality. Provide your cat with the right accessories to stimulate its hunting instinct and promote its physical and mental .

Sharpened reflexes and well-spent energy

By exploring different and objects, your kitten will develop a behavior similar to hunting. This playful activity will improve her reflexes and coordination, while allowing her to expend her energy. As an adult, play remains a crucial part of your feline's well-being. The frequency and duration of playtime will vary depending on your cat's character and age.

Ideally, schedule 2 ten-minute play sessions per day, for example in the early evening. This will create interaction and build trust between you and your cat. However, don't insist if your cat doesn't want to play, is sleeping or eating.

Let your cat play alone

If your feline is left alone during the day, provide him with toys that he can play with independently. Adapt the toys and play to your cat's abilities and any age-related motor difficulties.

There's no need to overload your cat with a lot of fancy toys. Cats often prefer simple things, such as corks, strings or boxes.

Stimulate his curiosity and desire to play

To stimulate your feline's curiosity and desire to play, soak the toys in catnip, an aromatic plant that promotes stimulation. You can also take turns taking toys out of a toy box to renew his interest and create a desire to rediscover them. It's up to you, and remember: a happy cat is a cat that's having fun!

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