The secrets of feng shui to attract wealth and money to your home

Would you like to attract wealth and prosperity into your life? According to Feng Shui, the use of specific colors can help you achieve this goal.

Indeed, color is a powerful tool for adjusting the energy of a space according to the cosmological principles of Taoism. Here are the four lucky colors associated with prosperity and wealth according to Feng Shui: red, violet, green and blue.

Red, the color of luck and prosperity

In Chinese culture, red is considered the most important color of all. It is synonymous with luck, prosperity and . This can be seen in iconic landmarks such as the Forbidden City or the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, which are painted red. The red envelopes (hong bao) used to give money to at Chinese New Year are another example. If you want to incorporate red into your home in a subtle way, you can opt for red candles, wooden frames, cushions or figurines. However, it is advisable to avoid using this color in relaxation areas such as bedrooms, as it is highly activating and energizing.

Violet, the color of nobility and wealth

Purple is associated with nobility and wealth in the Feng Shui . According to this philosophy, it inspires respect and can be used to attract power, prosperity and abundance. To integrate violet into your home, you can use it in combination with white and , particularly in main spaces such as the living room. However, in spaces such as the bathroom or bedroom, it's best to opt for more pastel tones like lilac. To maximize the effect of purple, you can paint the southeast wall of your living room in this color.

Green, the color of nature and fertility

Green is associated with fertility, serenity and life in Feng Shui. It is also linked to the wood element, which symbolizes growth. Green is a color that indicates nature is at its peak and can attract economic wealth. There are many ways to incorporate green into your home, from using nature-inspired decorative elements to opting for green paint. are also a simple and effective way of adding green to your environment.

Dark blue, the color of water and abundance

According to Feng Shui, dark blue tones represent the element of water, symbolizing abundance and the movement of the seas. This color is strongly associated with wealth. It can therefore be used in spaces associated with money, such as offices or commercial premises. To the energy of dark blue, we recommend combining it with white or beige. You can also add this color to your sofa or integrate an aquarium into the space to maximize its effect.

If you want to attract wealth and prosperity into your life, consider incorporating Feng Shui's lucky colors into your home. Red, purple, green and blue are all possible choices for adjusting the energy of your space and bringing you closer to your financial goals.

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