The secrets to give new life to your old wooden furniture: a new youth guaranteed!

You have inherited an antique wooden furniture and want to give it a second life? Discover how to clean and restore it in a few simple steps to make it more beautiful and ensure it lasts longer. Your inheritance could well contain treasures!

Give your antique furniture a new lease on life

Antique furniture is often made from durable wood, which allows it to last through the years without losing its charm. However, if they have been stored for a long time, they may have lost their shine. Fortunately, there are techniques to clean them and give them new life.

Must-have products for effective cleaning

To clean old wood properly, it is recommended to use turpentine and ammonia. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and handle these products with care, as they contain powerful substances.

Mix a little turpentine and a little ammonia in a glass container. Apply this solution to your furniture and leave it on for a few minutes to remove the dirt, wax and kerosene residues that have accumulated over the years. Rinse off the ammonia residue with water and neutral soap. Let the wood dry for several days before proceeding with the complete restoration of the furniture.

The art of sanding and moisturizing

To keep your furniture from feeling rough, it's essential to nourish and sand it. After allowing the wood to dry for about two days, sand it gradually with very fine sandpaper (240), then remove any remaining imperfections with sandpaper between 400 and 600. This step is crucial to prepare the wood for a moisturizing treatment.

Choosing oils for optimal protection

To deeply moisturize a piece of wood furniture, apply a suitable oil with a brush and let it dry. A second coat of oil and steel wool will be necessary to seal the pores and make it waterproof. For outdoor furniture, opt for teak oil, while for indoor furniture, choose linseed oil.

How to make your furniture shine like never before?

Once you've applied the oil, it's time to move on to finishing by giving your furniture a shine. Apply wax in thin layers to avoid a sticky finish. Next, varnish the wood with a natural bristle brush, then remove any residue with a cotton cloth. This will leave your furniture shiny, clean and moisturized.

It is important to reapply wax regularly and avoid using degreasing products, which can remove previously applied waxes and oils. To keep your furniture clean, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove dust and use water and neutral soap for stains.

By following these , you'll give your antique wood furniture a new lease on life and ensure it lasts longer. You will be able to enjoy these true treasures for years to come.

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