The seven habits of happy couples

If you have a partner, you know that are not a bed of roses. Like a plant, it needs to be watered every day to keep the and passion of the first moment.

In addition, of course, there are many habits that improve relationships day by day. Perhaps you are fulfilling them (congratulations, we can only congratulate you) or perhaps you are polishing some of them. Here are our recommendations.

Good couples…

Have common interests

This is something fundamental, not only for everyday life, but also for building a couple that really enjoys each other. After all, this is a person you're going to spend a lot of time with (sometimes the rest of your life), so why not fill your routine with activities that satisfy both of you.

You're independent

You love your partner and you love being with him, no one doubts it. But that doesn't mean you have to do everything together; ideally, you should each have your own space. This is one of the reasons couples sometimes break up. Having a shared space, but also a separate space for each other, will certainly strengthen the relationship.

Trust and Forgive

It's easy to say, but complicated to implement. Trust should be one of the fundamental pillars of a relationship, without which there is really nothing. It is also important to learn to forgive, so that old grudges do not fill the cup and contaminate future discussions, causing either to “bring up the agenda” and conflicts that should be forgotten.

Several studies have shown that couples who go to bed together and fall asleep at the same time feel closer.

They go to bed together

It may sound silly, but several studies have shown that couples who together and go to bed together feel closer. contact, even in exhaustion and dreams, will always feel good.

The dialogue

Talking for hours with your loved one not only helps you to understand them better, to know their point of view and to see the world differently. It also helps you to trust each other and learn to negotiate, which is also very important.

Do not impose

Blackmail and threats are useless. Not in relationships. Dialogue, as we have already said, and negotiation will always lead to a better relationship than any empty imposition.


Always, at all times, even if you are angry, busy or tired. There should always be a time for a hug to remind you that you love each other and that you are a team, against the whole world if necessary. Sex of course also comes into play, as we know it's not the same for eight years as it is for two months, but it's a long run and it takes willpower to keep the flame and desire alive. And it is worth it.

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