The shocking death of Logan Roy that upset fans and actors alike!

The unexpected death of Logan Roy in the series “Succession” has created a huge buzz on social networks. Discover the reactions of the and how they lived this shock!

The best kept secret of “Succession

The surprising death of Logan Roy in the HBO series “Succession” stunned fans around the world. Far from the usual plots, this tragic event focused on the emotions of the characters and managed to thwart the expectations of the audience. Social networks were quick to catch fire, debating all possible aspects of this revelation.

Brian Cox, serene in the face of the death of his character

The actor Brian Cox, who played Logan Roy for four seasons, reacted with calm and pragmatism to the news of the death of his character. Invited on the set of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”, he confided his for the role and the difficulty he will have to forget this life-changing experience.

The power and the end of an era for Brian Cox

At 76, Brian Cox was able to explore power from a different angle through his character of a ruthless patriarch who has become an icon of contemporary television. He praised creator Jesse Armstrong's courage for the bold decision to end Logan Roy's life.

Precautions taken to keep the secret

Brian Cox also revealed to Stephen Colbert the efforts made to keep Logan's death a secret. He had to keep going to the set and avoid having his absence noticed, although he admitted to having trouble keeping secrets.

Realism and the perfect ending for “Succession”

For Brian Cox, it was essential that the series stay true to a realistic chain of events, which included the inevitable death of Logan Roy. He stressed the importance of concluding the story at the right time, a key factor in its success.

A failed marriage and an uncertain future for Connor

Actor Alan Ruck confided his surprise at the death of Logan Roy, which occurred in the episode ironically titled “Connor's Wedding”. The death of the patriarch during this major event highlighted Connor's obsession with his father's attention.

Logan Roy's lingering influence after his death

According to Alan Ruck, Logan Roy's death shows how the character continues to influence the lives of his even after his passing. For the actor, the fact that this tragic event occurs in an episode named after his character is an honor and reveals the importance of Connor in the series, now that Logan has passed away and can act more freely and independently.

A memorable episode for Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck expressed his satisfaction at having a moving and heartbreaking episode named after his character, where everything changes forever. Logan Roy's death has opened up new possibilities for the show and the characters, and actors and fans alike are eager to see what the future holds.

The unexpected death of Logan Roy in “Succession” has caused an earthquake in the world of the show and has sparked strong reactions from actors and fans alike. The sequel promises to be just as gripping and full of surprises. Stay tuned for the latest in the Roy 's adventures!

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